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Hello everyone, long time no see! I can't believe i haven't posted this since i wrote it in october?! Oh well, better late than neve...

Hello everyone, long time no see! I can't believe i haven't posted this since i wrote it in october?! Oh well, better late than never right? Today i wanted to share with you some makeup items from a Ghanaian cosmetic brand we are all familiar with and that's Forever Clair aka FC. So award winners and nominees of the Ghana Makeup Awards were invited to a soiree at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel hosted by FC CEO Mrs. Gladys Amey-Obeng. It was such an honour to meet the lady behind this international Ghanaian brand and to gather some wisdom from her. We met her, her husband and daughters who basically run the company together. That is goals right there!!!!!!!!! There was so much chatter and food and we took it as a time of relaxation and networking. At the end we were all presented with a goody bag full of awesome FC products.

Forever Clair
Forever Clair Makeup

Forever Clair is popular for their skin care line rather than makeup and surprisingly the bag was mostly full of makeup. A pleasant surprise i must say. Check them out below:

1. Forever Clair Facial Cleansing & Mousse Makeup Remover
This foaming makeup remover, from their spa collection, is suitable for all skin types, fragrance free and does the job of makeup removal just right. I used it on the night i received it and it pretty much did a good job of helping to remove my makeup before cleansing. I have a detailed post coming soon on proper makeup removal. I will gladly recommend this makeup remover as it's gentle on the skin and helps to remove makeup effectively.

FC Makeup Remover
FC Facial Cleansing & Mousse Makeup Remover

2. Forever Clair Eyeshadow in Aqua Marine #512
This eyeshadow quad, with a mixture of matte and shimmer shadows, really surprised me as i swatch tested them briefly. The shadows have a buttery smooth texture, fully pigmented with no fall outs or flakiness. With a primer and a base to intensify the colours these would last all day and wear well on the eyes. I'm not a blue eyeshadow person but since my mom is more than happy to use this quad i've given it to her.

FC Makeup
Forever Clair Eyeshadow

FC Eyeshadow
Forever Clair Eyeshadow in Aquamarine

3. Forever Clair Lipsticks in ''1960's Chic'' & ''Rhubabrb & Me No5"
Can we pause for a moment to admire the packaging?????? Wow! The purple and plum colours with gold holographic trimmings just makes me gag! Wow! The lipstick packaging looks so luxurious i'd say it's comparable to Tom Ford or Estee Lauder packaging. And the lipstick itself????? Highly pigmented with satin finish, goes on smoothly on the lips and feels so comfortable too. I'm super impressed! Where have these been all my life?! I feel like i'll need a full face of makeup to show you how good these lipsticks are. Just awesome!

FC Lipstick
Forever Clair Lipsticks

FC Lipstick
Picture doesn't do justice to the sleek packaging 

1960's Chic, Rhubarb & Me No 5
L to R: 1960's Chic, Rhubarb & Me No 5

FC Lipsticks
FC Lipsticks in: 1960's Chic, Rhubarb & Me No 5

4. Forever Clair Lipgloss in Fiery Kisses

Another gag-worthy product! Sleek packaging that looks very high end. They should call this a lip creme instead because this has got to be one of the most intensely pigmented lip gloss that i have seen. It can be worn on its own or on top of a lipstick. Sadly this colour yet again doesn't work for me and i've passed it on to my mom who would definitely rock it on top of her every day red lipstick.

FC Lipgloss
Forever Clair Lipgloss
FC Fiery Kisses
FC Lipgloss in Fiery Kisses

I'm curious to know more about the makeup line from FC as it seems they have revamped their range and have some really good products. Let me know if any of you have come across these products and your thoughts on them.

xoxo, Annette

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