AJ Crimson Launches In Ghana

Hello beauties, I'm super excited to bring you some awesome news of yet another international brand officially launched in Ghana. Wow! ...

Hello beauties,
I'm super excited to bring you some awesome news of yet another international brand officially launched in Ghana. Wow! Who would have thought that Ghana would become a destination for professional makeup brands to do business in? Yesterday AJ Crimson was launched at the Airport West Hotel and hosted by the exclusive distributor, Beauty Marked Gh.

Model is rocking AJ Crimson Lipstick in No Shade

For the longest i was interested in trying the AJ Crimson foundation as this was popular among professional makeup artists i stalked in the US. With AJ Crimson himself being a celebrity makeup artist, it is no shock that his line of products will be all that a makeup artist desires.

Celebrity Makeup Artist AJ Crimson 

Among the range of products that was launched were the:

  • AJ Crimson Dual Skin Creme Foundation
  • AJ Crimson Universal Finishing Powder
  • AJ Crimson S+M Sultry and Matte Lipsticks 
Gorgeous model wearing all AJ Crimson Products

I'm super excited excited about this brand as the foundation range has shades for especially dark skin tones. The foundation comes in single compacts are well as single re-fills and makeup artists have the opportunity to create their own palette with selected shades. How convenient! The lipsticks are super pigmented and suitable for all skin tones especially dark skin.

Model rocking S+M Sulty Matte Lipstick in It Girl - Ladyee Lyke

Now that the brand is proper launched here in Ghana it means you won't have to pay crazy shipping and customs fees to get them here. You can also walk into the store to get tested and also to see the products feeli feeli, lol!

So this is to let you makeup lovers out there looking for professional quality makeup products that AJ Crimson is here. You can visit Beauty Marked  at their shop at Osu to view the products in person or check them out on instagram for more details. Hopefully i will be bringing you a review of some of the products so stay tuned.


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  1. Never heard of the barnd before looks good though

    1. yes this brand is most popular with makeup artists as he creator is a pro makeup artist himself. However it is suitable for everyone

  2. I must have been living under a rock. To think i was about to ship this from the US... girl i could kiss you right now

    1. Oh dear! just in time and to save you from those ridiculous shipping and customs fees. Oh and he's coming to Ghana as well next week. Not sure if you'll be in town then.


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