The 5 Must Have Basic Eye Brushes + Evita Joseph Genesis Eye Brush Collection Giveaway

Hello beauties, Today's post is going to be on the five(5) must have eye brushes in every makeup kit whether personal or professional. ...

Hello beauties,
Today's post is going to be on the five(5) must have eye brushes in every makeup kit whether personal or professional. Now that i can confidently point you to where you can get quality brushes here in Ghana i thought this would be good esp for those just getting their makeup game together and not sure what is needed. So lets jump right into it!

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1. Eye Shader Brush
Gone are the days of using those disposable sponge applicators that come in your eye shadow palettes. They are not durable, either too short or thin making application difficult, washing them tend to cause them to break after a while and you cannot use them for multiple colours. So here comes in the eye shader brush. Brushes are more durable, allow for multiple colour applications, can be washed easily, pack on colour to your desired intensity etc. A good example is the Evita Joseph 256 Classic Shader Brush. It's made of  natural bristles and works best with powder eye shadows.

2. Spoolie Brush
The spoolie brush is one brush to get your brows looking as fleeky as possible. After filling in the brows use the spoolie brush to blend the products evenly, helps to lay the brow hairs in place and most importantly soften the brows by creating a natural fade at the start of the brows which prevents them from looking harsh.

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3. Angled Eyeliner Brush
The angled eyeliner brush apart from helping to create the sharpest cat or winged liner is great for defining the brows with concealor. I love to use the Evita Joseph E263 Katty Liner because it's small and sturdy enough for detailed work especially for highlighting the brows.

4. Bent Eyeliner Brush
The bent eyeliner brush is my preferred choice for creating any eye liner whether thin or bold. It's unique bent angle means that it fits perfectly into the hand to create super straight lines no room for flimsiness. you have absolute control with this brush. The Evita Joseph E262 Classic Liner has sturdy bristles and is a favourite of mine.

5. Blending Brush
Blending brushes are most important in every eye makeup application. You can never have enough. They come in different shapes, bristles, densities etc and all have different effects and uses. Check out the Evita Joseph E259 Classic Crease, E261 Diffuse Blender and E260 Precision Blender brushes. They all perform several roles in defining the crease, creating a cut crease, blending transition shadows etc.


These are 5 basic brushes in my opinion is what is needed especially in a starter kit. So in order to kick start your fleeky eye makeup Evita Joseph was kind enough to sponsor one person to win the entire Evita Joseph Genesis Eye Brush Collection! How exciting?????!!!!!

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Here are the rules, pls be sure to follow each one to qualify for this giveaway.
1. You must be following me @beautiquegh_mua and Evita Joseph @ejbeautystore & @evita_joseph.
2. You must repost this photo and use the hashtag #evitajosephbrushgiveaway. The person with the highest likes win the brush set.
3. Comment below stating why you want to win this set.
Remember your profile has to be public in order for the photo to be viewed. This giveaway ends on Sunday 3rd January and the winner announced on the 4th January, 2016.

That's all folks. I hope you found this post helpful. All the best in this giveaway.
Until the next post, keep your eye makeup on fleek.

xoxo, Annette

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