Vera Mona Color Switch Solo Review

Hello beauties, I'm excited to bring you this review of the Vera Mona Color Switch Solo. Now you may be wondering what the excitement i...

Hello beauties,
I'm excited to bring you this review of the Vera Mona Color Switch Solo. Now you may be wondering what the excitement is all about. I'm pretty sure most of you understand how difficult it is to come by certain products that are more on the professional side in Ghana. Well i get excited when i can finally lay my hands on professional products here in Ghana. Get it?

Color Switch
Vera Mona Color Switch Solo
Anyways, on one of my many perusals on instagram, hope you are following me there, what????? Follow now @beautiquegh_mua. So i was saying that on one of my perusals i saw that Zuleika of Zuzu's Web had tagged me in a few makeup items that she was selling. I decided to check out curiosity and what do i see? The Vera Mona Color Switch Solo! Whaaaat? I immediately dm'ed her and she quickly responded to my questions.

Makeup artists and makeup lovers in general will admit that when applying and blending different shades of eye shadows you cannot afford to mix up the brushes. For eg if you previously used a yellow eye shadow you cannot use the same brush to dip into a red colour. The effect may not be what you are intending. Most often you may have to use another brush altogether. Well that's where the Color Switch comes in.

Color Switch Solo

The Vera Mona Color Switch Solo is simply a sponge that allows you to use the same brush without having to change your brush or using a liquid cleanser. All you need to do is swipe the brush across the sponge to remove the eye shadow and then you have a clean brush to be used with another shadow. It's that easy!

I'm telling you the Color Switch has saved me a ton! Now when working on large groups even on just one person i wouldn't have to reach for different brushes, all i do is quickly swipe the brush across the sponge to remove the pigment and i can use the brush again, sweet! It's even easier than using an alcohol brush cleanser because there is no waiting time for drying.

Let me show you a quick demo of how it works:

1. Here is the clean eye shadow brush

2. Here is the brush with eye shadow left in the bristles

3. Simply put the stained brush on the sponge and swipe across it left and right

4. There you are with a clean brush ready to be used again for another colour.

One more thing tho, upon receiving and feeling the sponge i thought it looked familiar. Then i remembered the stippling sponges that is used to do special effects. If i'm not mistaken its the exact same kind of material, lol! Check this and tell me if they aren't the same?

So do i recommend this makeup tool, well yes, i believe it provides a quick fix. It's not for specifically makeup artists but makeup lovers and everyone who owns an eye shadow and a brush, lol! I think the sponge works best with powder products instead of cream. Well i haven't tried that so i can't be too sure. The sponge is easy to maintain too. Just wash with your liquid soap, lay flat to dry and its good to be re-used again.

If you're in Ghana contact Zuleika of Zuzu's Web to purchase it for a very good price. Outside of Ghana, click here to purchase.

I hope you found this post helpful.
Until the next post,
Keep on being fab!


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