Scent of Africa Perfume launch and Review

Hello lovelies, Welcome back to the blog. Today i'm bringing a post on perfume which is my first ever post on perfume. Well that's ...

Hello lovelies,
Welcome back to the blog. Today i'm bringing a post on perfume which is my first ever post on perfume. Well that's because i don't experiment much and usually stick to one scent. Over the weekend, Ghandour cosmetics, long time distributors of skin and hair care products in Africa, launched their first perfume at the newly opened 5 star Kempinski Hotel Gold coast City in Accra.

Scent of Africa Perfume
Scent of Africa Perfume Launch

Wow! The venue? Talk about luxury! No wonder it's alleged to sell the most expensive fufu in town. Absolutely stunning! I have been to many product launches but this has got to be the most impressive of all. I mean Ghandour cosmetics went all out! Their PR company outdid themselves! From the ambience, to the afro haired well dressed ushers, to the talented dancers to the guests themselves!!!!!! I mean..... well considering the venue the launch couldn't be anything short of spectacular.

Scent of Africa
Scent of Africa Perfume: Gold for Women, Silver for Men

I had the opportunity to work on a few non Ghanaian celebs that were invited to launch, thanks to my girl Sandra, host of Makeup Diaries for the opportunity. I caught bits and pieces of the event from the hotel room and after i came down to the lobby i was given a goody bag.
Inside the goody bag was 2 perfumes, a 10% discount voucher and a box of dark chocolate.

Scent of Africa Perfume
Scent of Africa Perfume For Woman

Now unto the perfume itself, there are 2 versions. The Scent of Africa Perfume comes in both female and male scents. The female version comes in an all gold plastic packaging shaped in the African map silhouette placed in another plastic case whiles the male version in the same design in a silver packaging.

I love that a lot of thought went into the production and I must say the scent itself ties well with the African theme. I was a bit sceptical thinking it will be one of those scents that disappear after few seconds. How wrong was I! This has been truly made for the African.

The scent i feel is robust and long lasting and just what is needed to sustain in the rather hot climate and you still get whiffs of perfume throughout the day. I gave the male perfume to my lil bro and he's so impressed at how long lasting it is. I can't really describe the scent accurately but it has a sweet, vanilla-ish smell plus something more. It reminds me of Paco Rabanne's One Million. It's the kind of perfume you spray unto your body and you get an immediate boost of confidence. I know this perfume will do well.

Scent of Africa Perfume

Scent of Africa Perfume

Can we get this box of chocolate some attention, the packaging tho! Thumbs up to Ghandour. I hope the chocolate was made with Ghanaian cocoa. It's dark chocolate so great for the health conscious. It's also ties in with the African theme as the chocolate also has the African map silhouette.

I hear the perfume will be sold at the perfume shop at Marina Mall. I also have no idea about the pricing either.I hope they come out with other sizes and also in scented lotion and shower gel. If you are near the Mall take a whiff and i'm sure you'll like it. View pictures from the launch here.

Until the next post,
Keep on being fab!
xoxo, Annette

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  1. how much does the 90ml bottle cost in Cedis?

  2. Salut...Je souhaiterais savoir comment obtenir l'un de vos parfums, permeter de vous contacter.


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