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Hello beauties, I trust everyone is doing great. Can't believe the year is almost drawing to a close. Soon it will be christmas and the...

Hello beauties,
I trust everyone is doing great. Can't believe the year is almost drawing to a close. Soon it will be christmas and then the new year! How fast the days are running! Anyhoo, today's post is going to be on a couple of items i purchased and decided to share. I usually get a lot of questions on where to purchase certain pro items esp from beginner MUAs. So i'm going to share what i got and then tell you where to get them.

I got a ton of new brushes! Well the Evita Joseph Genesis Eye Brush Collection launched during the later part of last month and i was glad to be a part of the launch. Hopefully will get to post a few pictures from the launch pretty soon. Anyways so i got the the entire set which comprises of 8 brushes and comes in a beautiful pouch. I will give a review of these brushes pretty soon and probably do a video tutorial using them. Tell me what looks you like me to do with these brushes.

After the launch i paid Evita of EJBeautystore a visit to her shop to purchase a fan brush and then my interest piqued with a couple of other items, lol! She showed me a couple of other brushes she had in stock. These were different from any i had in my brush set so i got them. Its a set of 9 brushes and consists of:

  • liner brush
  • 2 different blending brushes 
  • concealor brush 
  • small detailer brush
  • blush brush
  • fan brush
  • buffer brush
  • powder brush

I really do love these brushes! They are super soft, the powder brush sets foundation with powder so beautifully. The blush and fan brushes are so fluffy, they pick up just enough products whiles blending it. In these times of getting your highlighter on fleek a good fan brush is important. Can't enough of blending brushes so these are a great addition to my kit as well. I have washed these brushes several times and there's no shedding or bleeding.

She also managed to convince me to purchase the Brush Egg. This is supposed to help with the brush cleaning. Of course after having a ton of brushes some help is definitely appreciated to make washing a lot easier. Will use it and then do a review to see if it's worth the hype.

I also happened to chance on this pro tool, The Vera Mona Color Switch being sold by Zuzu's Web on instagram. Imagine my excitement that i could buy this right here in Gh and for an affordable price too! In case you are wondering what the Vera Mona Color Switch is, its a sponge that allows you to use the same brush for different eye shadow colours by swiping on it to remove pigment. I will do a review on this too.

As a pro MUA it is important to invest in professional products that will last long and are of good quality too. Contact Evita of EJBeautystore to get your brushes and other professional items. I hope this was helpful somehow.

Until the next post, keep on being fab!
xoxo, Annette

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