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Hello beauties, So recently eyebrows have become trendy in Ghana and everyone is doing their possible best to have their brows on fleek! So...

Hello beauties,
So recently eyebrows have become trendy in Ghana and everyone is doing their possible best to have their brows on fleek! So many people get it wrong easily and end up with halo brows, nike brows, scouse brows, brows on flock, etc, NO you don't want that! So i decided to share with you this easy to follow pictorial on how to fill in them brows. Sit back, enjoy and be sure to practice. Feel free to share, comment and ask any questions. Tag me @beautiquegh_mua in your pictures if you are able to do them on instagram.

Well defined eyebrows

So here are the few products that you are going to need for the 'on fleekest' eyebrows:

1. A Concealor or thick foundation:
Here i'm using the LA Girl Pro Conceal in Fawn which i use for a super highlighted brow bone. On regular days i use the shades from this ELF Concealor palette for a more subtle highlight.

2, Brow Pencil:
This is a cheap beauty supply medium dark brown pencil i like to use for my brows. It's very pigmented and sightly waxy. On days i want subtle looking brows i use the MAC Brow pencil in Spiked. You can also use brow powders or brow pomades to fill in your brows. I have in my kit the Anastasia Beverley Dipbrow Pomade. I believe those are more suitable for experienced users. I'd however recommend a beginner to start with a pencil and with practice can go on to using brow powders and waxes.

3. Spoolie or Mascara Wand (the thin silver one):
This brush is very important in helping to blend out your brows and to keep them from looking harsh after filling them in. Trust me everyone needs a brush like this. It also helps to keep the front or beginning of your brows from looking thick. I got this brush from Ejbeautystore.

4. Angled Eyeliner Brush (the red one):
You can use this type of brush or a regular flat eyeliner or concealor brush to outline the brows with the concealor. Also the angled eyeliner brush can be used with a brow powder or wax to fill in the brows. I got this also from Ejbeautystore.

5. Blending Brush:
This is one i got from an eye set from EcoTools. Using a fluffy blending brush to blend your concealor will prevent them from looking too stark or too obvious.

So now that we have the tools needed for the on fleek eyebrows, lets start the tutorial shall we?
1. The start to an 'on fleek' eyebrows are well groomed brows. Grooming your brows and getting the right shape for them will ensure that you have as little work to do as possible. I naturally have thick brows so i tweeze or shape them with a razor blade. Thin brows are a thing of the past so allow your brows to get slightly thick.

2. Next, following the natural arch of your brows, start by drawing an outline from the bottom inner corner of your eyes towards the bridge of your nose. This helps to even make the nose appear slimmer. 

Start from the inner corner closer to the nose

Then connect to the high points of the brows known as the arch

Then end downwards at the end of the eyes. It should not be shorter or longer

3. Do the same for the top part and this is what it should look like. Please DO NOT attempt to draw any line at the beginning to connect the top and bottom lines that you have just drawn. Yes pls leave the beginning like that as it is. Thank you.

Top of the brows has been drawn on and filled in slightly

4. Next gently brush to blend the brows using the spoolie or mascara wand. This also helps to remove excess product from the brows. 

Start from the beginning of the brows and blend in the lines till it has a natural fade

5. Here's what a properly blended brows should look like with a natural fade at the start. 

6.Using the angled eyeliner brush, start from the arch, clean and define your brows with the lighter shade of concealor; about a shade or two lighter than your regular shade. You should concentrate on depositing most of the concealor on the arch and then spread to the beginning of the brows and also to the tail end as well. 

Start defining the brows from the arch

Then spread the concealor to the tail end and the beginning of the brows

6. This is what your brows should look like after being defined with the concealor. 

Bottom part of the brows defined with a lighter shade of concealor

7. Then use the blending brush to blend the concealor to prevent harsh lines and make it appear seamless. 

Blend out the concealor with a blending brush

8. This is what the blended out concealor should look like. 

Highlighted brows blended out 

9. Then taking the same shade of concealor as your foundation shade, define the top part of the brows. I said the SAME SHADE of foundation that you normally use NOT the lighter concealor. This will prevent you from getting the ghastly halo brows effect i sometimes see and cringe. You really don't want that. 

Use a shade of concealor same as your skin tone to define the top part of the brows

10. Using the same blending brush used earlier, blend out the concealor again to ensure a seamless look. 

Blend out the top concealor with a blending brush

11. After blending out the top concealor here's what your brows should be looking like. On fleek! 

Eyebrows on fleek! Can't tell me nothing! hehehe! 

Few tips:
  • For a regular day working day do not define your brows using a lighter shade. Opt for your regular foundation shade to define it for a softer looking brows.
  • You can also skip defining the top part of the brows for a softer look. 
  • Also you can use a brow gel or clear mascara to brush through the brows. This will help the brows set and prevent unruly hairs from moving about. 

Ladies, i hope this post was helpful. If you still feel lost and would require one-on-one tutorials do not hesitate to let me know. 

Until the next post,
May your brows always be on fleek! 


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  1. I am definitely going to learn how to apply make up better through this!

    1. Yes girl! Pls do well to tag me in your pics would love to see how this helps

  2. Thanks Annette. I love you. I just started following you but I'm like your number one fan right now. Nailed it at my first attempt. Used to really mess up my eyebrows before this. Am sooo excited. Now my eyebrows will be on fleek too����

    1. Yaaaaassss!!! I'm excited for you girl! Pls send some pics to my inbox on facebook. I'd like to see these fleeky brows!


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