Nailart of the Day: Bubblegum Pink

Hello everyone, I trust everyone's doing great. Today i'm excited to bring you a new kind of post, well on this blog anyways, and i...

Hello everyone, I trust everyone's doing great. Today i'm excited to bring you a new kind of post, well on this blog anyways, and its going to be about nails. Although i wear falsies, I realized that most times i am somewhat conservative when it comes to nail colour or design always opting for the neutrals and nudes. I am on a personal challenge to be more creative when it comes to nail art. And to start that challenge here is a simple nail of the day very girly yet easy to re-create. 

Bubblegum Pink 61
Neon Bubblegum Pink and Pop of Glitter
Recently i have been inspired by lots of instagram posts on nail art. People are so talented eh! I didn't know how certain designs were acheived, my eyes have been open to a whole new world of artisrty and i'm so ready to indulge. Lol!

Nail of the Day

I recently got these nail colours from Escape Cosmetics, a beauty supply store along the Rawlings Park. They stock an array of nail polishes from Milani Cosmetics and Jordana Cosmetics and these were on sale for 2 cedis and 3 cedis respectively. I couldn't pass up this awesome opportunity and got quite a few, can you blame me?

So unto the nail colour, i chose this Milani Nail Lacquer unfortunately the label has rubbed off but the number is 61. I can describe it as a neon bubblegum pink. Its a pastel colour quite light so i had to apply 3 coats for it to be as opaque. 

Outer Space
How pretty is this Jordana Glitters Nail Polish in Outer Space! 
For a pop of colour on the last finger, i opted to use the Milky shade no 32 (sorry the label is wiped off too) which is also a pastel colour but seems to have some shine to it. Its also light so i applied 2 coats. Then i added one coat each of the Jordana Glitter in Outer space and the Milani Nail Lacquer in Diamond Dazzle which is a fine gold glitter nail lacquer. This combination gives my nails life!

The Milani Nail lacquers gave a glossy finish so i didnt need to apply a top coat. I'm really excited i got to do something out my comfort zone and i love it. 

Here are a few tips and tricks:
  1. Apply each coat and allow to dry before applying another coat
  2. Do not apply the nail polish to your cuiticles, allow some space between your cuticles and the root or start of your nails for that professionally done finish
  3. If by mistake you get nail polish unto your cuiticles, take a clean brush, dip into a nail polish remover to clean any mistakes. 
I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Until the next post,
Keep on being fab,

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