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Hello Beauties, I hope everyone is doing well. I haven't bought makeup for personal use in a while as what i have been buying are mostl...

Hello Beauties,
I hope everyone is doing well. I haven't bought makeup for personal use in a while as what i have been buying are mostly for my kit. I needed a few items and decided to order from EJbeautystore. I will share them with you below.

1. City Color All-Set Setting Spray
I have been on the search on ways on making my makeup last longer and i found out that setting my makeup with a setting spray is one of the ways. This can also be used as a spritz for dry skin prior to makeup application and also be used after makeup application to remove the powdery or cakey look. I will use it for a while and bring a review.

2. City Color Primer
Using a face primer is a must in terms of makeup application. A primer is used prior to foundation application to help the foundation adhere to the skin and last long. There are different types of primers and your choice is based on your skin needs. I will use this for a while and bring a full review on its performance.

3. LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint in Daring
So having heard so much about the lip glazes i decided to get one shade to try and then decide whether to purchase the rest. Smart move right? The lip glaze is simply a highly pigmented lipgloss. Highly pigmented oh! Anyways +Evita Joseph  quickly informed me of one in my favourite colour purple and of course which other colour would i have chosen? lol! I hope to incorporate this into a fotd or motd. If you want a review, let me know.

4. Black Radiance Pressed Powder in Cream Beige
I have a few of these in my kit and thought to add a few more but one on the yellow-toned side. This powder like the others are smooth and silky, light to medium coverage and most importantly oil absorbing. Good for setting your foundation or to wear alone over a primer. It's also small enough to slip into your purse and comes with a mirror which makes it perfect for your touch up.

5. Brushes
Every makeup artist will tell you that we can never have enough brushes, lol! A good angled eyeliner brush can be used to draw the fiercest of wing liners. This is no exception as it is slim and sturdy at the same time. I just fell in love with this eyebrow spoolie and got it as a bonus for being an awesome shopper. A spoolie is used to brush your eyebrows in place and also to blend the eyebrows after filling them in to prevent the harsh look. Also use to brush the eyelashes so they can align well prior to application of falsies. Now you know 2 of my secrets.

6. Facial brush and Sponge
My combination oily skin is very prone to acne with occasional breakouts. During such periods i stay clear of any makeup to allow my skin to breathe whiles i take measures to reduce the occurrence. So i usually use the facial sponge to exfoliate my skin to remove dead skin and enhance smoothness and brightness. Evita was quick to show the brush in my direction and i thought to give it a try. The bristles feel very soft and is a more sustainable option to the facial sponge which needs replacement very often.

7. Brush Guards
This product is such a genius. What will i do without my brush guards from EJBeautystore? Splayed brushes!!!!! I'm sure every makeup artist will appreciate them. These are used to keep the brushes in place and to prevent them from splaying, distorting and eventually getting destroyed. Don't sleep on this item.

Bonus Items:
For a being a super amazing customer of EJBeautystore i was gifted with 5 eyeshadows of my choice. Yayyyyy!!!! who doesnt love freebies?! I love the pigmentation of these and cant wait to use them in my looks.

I love shopping at EJBeautystore. I love the convenience of online shopping and very soon you will be able to walk into their store which is opening soon and pick actual products. I love their excellent customer service too.

Anyways that's all for today. What reviews would you like me to do? Drop your comments below.
Until the next post,
Keep on being fab,

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