ELF Poreless Face Primer vs MAC Prep + Prime Line Filler

Hello beauties, i'm here bringing you my first comparison review, yayyyy!!!! I am excited to bring this review because both products ar...

Hello beauties, i'm here bringing you my first comparison review, yayyyy!!!! I am excited to bring this review because both products are now accessible here in Ghana. Horrayyyyy!!!! I was browsing on instagram, follow me @beautiquegh_mua, when i happen to chance on the @ejbeautystore instagram page that they had in stock the ELF Poreless Face Primer. How excited I was because I had seen this new release from ELF on their website and I was curious to try it as I already use their mineral infused face primer which is a staple in my makeup kit. I immediately ordered one and had it with me the following day. EJbeautstore also does special orders on other items on behalf of makeup artists or anyone who requests them specially. She announced this and I thought to place an order for a few MAC items and the Prep + Prime Line filler was one of them.

Left: ELF Poreless Face Primer Right: MAC Prep + Prime Line Filler

 Now both of these products are face primers that primarily work to smoothen out the face, help with easier application of foundation and help extend the longevity of your foundation. These primers do an extra job of reducing pores and fine lines. Lets see how they both perform. I will give a brief on each item and then continue to do the comparison.

1. ELF Poreless Face Primer
Here is what ELF says about this:
Reduces the appearance of enlarged pores, fine lines and shine for a gorgeous airbrushed look. Infused with tea tree and Vits A&E for anti-aging and restorative benefits. This multipurpose skin primer transforms your face into a smooth and flawless canvas so makeup goes on evenly for a long-lasting matte finish.
On directions, it says to apply to clear skin prior to makeup application and to use a small amount and blend evenly over all the face.

ELF Cosmetics Poreless Face Primer
ELF Poreless Face Primer 
2. MAC Prep + Prime Line Filler
Here is what MAC says about this:
For directions you are to apply a small amount over lines and wrinkles.

MAC Face Primer
MAC Prep + Prime Line Filler
Both primers are mostly made up of silicon with Dimethicone as one of their main ingredients but the ELF primer has tea tree as one of its ingredients whiles the MAC filler has several other extracts.

The ELF Poreless Face Primer retails for $6 in the US whiles the MAC Prep + Prime Line Filler retails for $22. So you choose depending on your budget, for me you really cannot go wrong with $6 can you? 

The Elf primer comes in a bottle tube with a pump for dispensing whiles the MAC filler comes in a squeezable tube. They both dispense products well. The ELF primer is more bulky and relatively takes up space whiles the MAC filler is much more portable and you can easily slip this into your purse.

The ELF primer contains approximately 0.49oz of product whiles the MAC filler also contains 0.5oz of product. Imagine my surprise when I discovered this only during the writing of the review. I mean do not be fooled by the bulky appearance of the ELF primer, they both contain the same amount of product. Kind of disappointing for me because I was deceived by look and was ready to damn the MAC filler for being just too small. Oh but the ELF primer is way cheaper anyways so no complaints.

ELF Poreless Face Primer
Both primers contain approximately 15ml or 0.5oz of product
·        The ELF primer upon dispensing you will notice is scented with Tea tree and this may be a no no for those who prefer unscented products. However this goes away after a while. The MAC filler is unscented.
·        Both products are basically silicones, clear, spreads easily and will smooth out the skin however the MAC filler is more difficult to apply. It is feels kind of tacky.
·         On the claim of giving a matte appearance, the MAC filler instantly does give a matte appearance however I cannot say the same for the ELF! Matte???? I think they shouldn’t even include that! It feels and looks oily actually.  But I noticed that after allowing to sit for a while it somewhat appears matte. But who has all the time in the world to wait?
·        For the main purpose of minimizing pores and fine wrinkles, I’d say what both products really do is to create a blur on the surface. There are portion of my face that have raised pores and other parts that have sunken pores.
·        The MAC Filler has a weird behavior if applied to the entire face and I will say that a little bit goes a long way or else your foundation can go all gunky and clamped up. So apply only to areas that need it and this is mainly the t-zone area. Be sure to also blend extremely well. However I have learnt from the reviews that people had better luck when it was applied over foundation and set with a powder. I am yet to try that. The ELF primer can be used all over the face.

Hmmmmm, this is a tough one. I will say both products are at par. The ELF primer falls short I believe on the smell and how it feels somewhat oily upon initial application. The MAC filler also falls short on how relatively difficult it is to apply and price. I must state that they both did nothing on the areas I had raised pores which is around the lower inner corners of my eyes but performed much better on the areas I had sunken pores which is around my nose. In terms of longevity, both products lasted or gave the appearance of smoothness for about an hour.

Both primers appear white but is clear after blending on the skin

Left: ELF primer spreads more easily Right: MAC filler is thicker

For best results here is how I used either of them:
I first apply an oil control lotion and then apply a teeny little bit of the primer all over my face and blend extremely well. For the MAC filler I will only apply to areas that are needed. Then I dust all over my face with the Black Opal Invisible setting powder. I got this from EJbeautystore as well. I then stipple on (not swirl) my foundation and set with my powder.

Left: See the Elf ELF primer is shiny Right: The MAC filler appears more matte
I got the MAC filler earlier this year and the ELF primer just few days ago. Unfortunately when I check on the MAC website the filler has been discontinued. A better replacement I hear is the MAC Skin Refined Zone Treatment. I will do well to try that as well and see.

So overall I will say both products are okay-ish. They did not promise to eliminate the pores entirely just minimize which is exactly what they do. Primers are a must have for extending the longevity of your foundation so i do not regret buying any of these primers. I will go however with the ELF Poreless Face Primer as that is more readily available and less expensive.

If you are in Ghana, get yours from the EJbeautystore website or call them on 0544680080. Also order your MAC or other brands from them as well. 

I hope this comparison review was helpful for someone. Let me know if you have tried any of these products or any other pore minimizing products.

Until the next posts,
Keep on being fab!


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