Product Review: Dark n Lovely Braids and Weaves + Giveaway (Part 1)

Hello everyone, I hope this post finds you well. Sometime back i received some products from   Dark and Lovely Ghana from their Braids n W...

Hello everyone,
I hope this post finds you well. Sometime back i received some products from  Dark and Lovely Ghana from their Braids n Weaves line which i posted about here but have been unable to bring the review due to preparations for AFROTASTIC 2014 and also technical challenges. Initially I had wanted to do a video review and demo unfortunately during editing i mistakenly deleted the footage smh! I wanted to redo a video demo but i haven't worn braids or weave in a while and while i don't intend to for some time, i thought i will just do the review here and let everyone benefit from it rather than waiting for the demo. So after i began typing the review i realized i had a ton to say about these products and that putting them in one post will make this post super super long. I have become talkative papa! So i'm going to divide this post into 2 parts. I will do a review of 2 products and the next 2 in another post to announce the giveaway winners. Oh yes there is a giveaway so read on to find out how you can win an entire set for yourself.

Dark and Lovely Ghana
Dark and Lovely Braids'n Weaves
So I received these Dark and Lovely products from their Braids n Weaves range. Let me state categorically that these products are for all hair types be it relaxed, natural or texlaxed, anyone can use it. It came at perfect timing as i had braids at the time so i used it for sometime and i feel confident enough to give you an honest review. Here are the first 2 products out of the 4 i will be reviewing.

1. Dark and Lovely Braids n Weaves Anti Flakes Waterless Scalp Wash

Braids n Weaves Scalp Wash
Dark and Lovely Braids'n Weaves Anti Flakes Waterless Scalp Wash

It says on the bottle that it's anti flakes with jojoba oil and peppermint oil for fresh control and for weekly use. This is of a gel like consistency but easily melts and dries off. It has a nice perfumery scent but not overpowering. It comes with an applicator tip which is a huge plus and i need to give kudos to Dark n Lovely for that. This means you can easily get in between those braids and cornrows beneath them weaves. Every crevice and corner can be reached, lol! I like also that on the label there are directions on how to use it but i also don't like that a lot of text has been cramped and this makes the text is a bit difficult to read. However that doesn't take away the awesomeness of the product.

Dark n Lovely Dry Shampoo
gel like consistency
See how the hairdressers will use rubbing alcohol to clean your scalp, this does a far more excellent job as the alcohol will dry out your scalp and can cause more itchiness and dandruff. I used it several times when i had my extensions and it worked just fine by cleaning my scalp and also made my new growth incredibly soft and moisturized. This product is great because you can clean your scalp without having to wash with shampoo and water and risk having your braids frizzy.  All i did was squirt it unto my scalp, waited for 5 minutes and then massaged a cotton round on my scalp and this action removed all the buildup and dirt.

Smells nice
Comes with an applicator tip for easier access to scalp
Removes dead skin and residue as well as buildup
Removes and controls dandruff
Leaves the hair moisturized

2. Dark and Lovely Braids'n Weaves Anti-Itch Scalp Basing Soother

Braids n Weaves Scalp Soother Fresh Control
Dark and Lovely Braids'n Weaves Anti-Itch Scalp Basing Soother

It also says on the bottle that it contains jojoba oil and peppermint oil for fresh control and to be used daily. This product is basically meant to soothe your scalp especially when you have freshly done your braids and weaves and unfortunately the hairdresser did them a little bit tight or you feel some tightness which is normal. This also comes in a similar gel like formula and has a cooling effect. I would have thought that because it contained peppermint it will tingle a bit or have a minty feel but no its rather a cooling effect which is also great because sometimes there could be some accumulated heat that makes you feel like yanking them braids off! Lol! This product right here will help to cool down. It smells nice but not overpowering. It also comes with an applicator tip.
Whiles i didn't have any issues with tightness or itch because i braided loosely i still used it and it was cool. So after using the Scalp Wash to clean my scalp i will follow up with the Scalp Soother by applying to the scalp and massaging it in. Simples!

Comes with an applicator tip for easy access to scalp
Light weight and does not cause buildup
Keeps hair moisturized
Smells nice and helps keep hair fresh
Soothes the scalp

These products are for all hair types. Whether you are relaxed, natural or texlaxed so long as you are wearing a weave or braid protective style, you can use them. Between these two products my favourite would have to be the Scalp Wash simply because i did not experience any discomfort with my braids to actually have a feel of relief with use of the Scalp Soother. I still used it because i liked the cooling effect. However I believe the Scalp Soother will be a must have if you are experiencing tightness or itch.
Products can be purchased in Accra Makola or the Accra Shopping Mall.

Now comes the fun part: the giveaway. Yayyyy!!!!! Here is a chance to win for yourself a set of four(4) of the products from the Braids n Weaves line.

The rules are simple and you must follow them to the T.
1. Be a follower of the blog by clicking the Join this site button or simply follow me on Google+ at +Annette Akye here is the link 
2. Like the Dark and Lovely Ghana Facebook page
3. Comment in the comment box below by telling me why you will want to win these products.
You can enter multiple times to increase your chances of winning BUT only one comment per day is allowed.

Giveaway ends on Friday, 22nd August, 2014 at 11:59pm GMT. The winner will be announced in the part two of the review. So stay tuned!
Until the next post,
Keep your scalp clean and braids and weaves smelling fresh, use Dark and Lovely.

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