Hello August! Chit chat!!!!

Happy new month everyone!!! !!!!!!!!! Wow! Can you believe it? We are in August, *takes a deep breath* It's like the days are galloping...

Happy new month everyone!!! !!!!!!!!!
Wow! Can you believe it? We are in August, *takes a deep breath* It's like the days are galloping! It was just yesterday we celebrated the new year now we are getting ready for Christmas. Hmmmm! I hope we take this opportunity to review the past months, look at our resolutions to see how far we have gone with them. It's never too late to start something. If you have given up along the way it's not too late to get back there to do whatever you have set out for yourself.

July was incredible! AFROTASTIC happened and it was amazing!!!!! The next post will be on how the event went with some photos to show you. A tad late but wait for it it will be worth your wait. August officially starts the bridal season and so will be quite busy with a few brides. Praying for Grace and strength to accomplish all my tasks and bedazzle more brides.

Yes i take a mean #selfie too haha!
I'm also excited to bring you amazing reviews in this month of August. I have been trying new products; some beauty products and some natural hair products. I'm quite conservative and usually stick to products that work for me and rarely venture into new products so i'm excited to share with you these products so be on the lookout. I will also be sharing with you my current favourites both beauty wise and natural hair wise. I might even throw in a video or two hehe who knows!

Photo bombed by the bruv! 

It's Sunday and i didn't have enough time to do a full face thanks to my mum who made me fix her lashes, do her eyebrows and apply eyeshadow for her and then decided to rush me when i wanted to dress up! No fair at all! That woman has come on top paa!!! Always having me do her brows and fixing lashes for her. "paul amba tem" smh!  So i had no choice than to do something really simple. Next time i will share a pic of her all made up.

So bearing in mind i had no time i just decided to keep my face simple and add a nice lip colour. I'm trying this new foundation and powder which i will blog about soon, so far so good. I just defined my brows lined my lashes and added a lil mascara. For the lips, yesterday i got the Milani Colour Statement lipstick in Rose Hip and i used it today.  I lined my lips with Davis Lipline pencil 019 and used the lipstick in the middle. I can see why this particular lipstick is a favourite of many. Absolutely love it! You would think that this simple look took me 5 mins, oh nah don't be deceived by the term "simple"! *cover face*. 

My skin seems to be acting up and i know why. I have neglected for a while; my skincare routine *bows head in shame*. See black woman oh! When i was serious my skin thanked me and i came to show it off to you. Then i thought i was oga and i slacked now paying for it with ugly bumps. *sighs* 

Anyways i felt like chatting and i thought to come here and talk for a bit. Also i have a new special toy that's important in blogging, can you guess? Take a good look at this post and the previous one and tell me. Free credit for the first person to guess right. 

Ok i'm blabbering now and off to iron my clothes for the week. Anything new? Something you want to see on the blog? Kindly drop your comments down below. Have a lovely week everyone. 
Keep on being fab.


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