AFROTASTIC 2014 in review

Hello everyone, Been a minute ain't ti! I'm back here bringing you all the exciting news about AFROTASTIC! I have been finding it e...

Hello everyone,
Been a minute ain't ti! I'm back here bringing you all the exciting news about AFROTASTIC! I have been finding it extremely difficult to write this post simply being that as an organizer i am unable to report fully as a spectator because i was in and out several times and under tons of stress. Also it is difficult to be a critic of one'self right? Lol! But i have tried to piece something together for you so sit back and enjoy!

Some member of the AFROTASTIC team
So after months and months of planning, Ghana's first natural hair show, AFROTASTIC dubbed "The Return to our Roots",  kicked off on the 5th of July at the YWCA Hall Adabraka opp the Holy Spirit Cathedral. The show started at about 10am and lasted till 5pm. We had two main sessions: the hair show and the exhibition. Participants were both male and female; young and old. Turnout was really impressive and i was overwhelmed. Our sponsors for the event were Afrocomb Natural Hair Salon, Tama Cosmetics, MGL Naturals, Seven and Seven and pMK World.

I led the first session which was a show of the documentary on "400 Years Without a Comb" and this was followed by a discussion. Initially i believe participants were shy but after the the first contributors receiving prizes their tongues began to loosen, lol! This documentary is a must watch for all as it enlightens us on how far black hair has come since slavery.

We were very privileged to have super talented and veteran actress Rama Brew to be our guest speaker. Herself a fan of natural hair as she had been keeping locs for 15 years now. Her hair is gorgeous by the way! We had a fabulous session with her there was lots of laughter, advice and more laughter. As if our MC comedian James Brown was not cracking us up with his witty self. Hilarious dude by the way, a pro at what he does and kept us entertained throughout.

James Brown sporting his afro too

In between the various sessions we had performances by two poets, Miss Ndabi and Poetra. There was also musical interlude by Kunle and Abena Akuaba. Abena Akuaba performed her natural hair song and it was fantastic although my first time of hearing it, i can still remember bits of the chorus.

Abena Akuaba

There was a session where Afrodiva and myself talked to audience about natural hair care. There was also very interesting discussions esp. on the topic of what natural hair really was. Participants spoke about their natural hair experiences and it was refreshing

Afrodiva and myself during the hair talk
Ghanaian youtuber - Aretha Yorke
We also had a mini hair show which was sponsored by our Salon Sponsor AfroComb Natural Hair Salon which showcased 3 models sporting different types of styles for natural hair. Hopefully the next event will have a bigger hair show. We also had a live big chop!
Our feisty Models
Live Big chop at AFROTASTIC
Chop! chop!! snip!!! snip!!!!
After her chop and makeover

We had a varied range of vendors from natural hair products to hair accessories to makeup. Here's a few of our vendors.
Atitola ofAfrican Naturalistas all the way from Nigeria
Beauty Secrets
Beautiful ladies of AfroRiri all the way from Nigeria
The Body Butter Company

Me myself n I tired but managed a smile and a pose after the humidity had poofed up my hair
We had massive giveaways kind courtesy of our sponsors and vendors and this was a highlight for me and i'm sure for many that were at the event 

Lots of products for giveaway
With Janice and Afrodiva during the giveaway
More giveaway You can tell that i was having fun during this time 
During the exhibition, lots of products to purchase
Korkor and friends

PR Naa Adjeley of Trends and Blends

Naa Oyoo blogger and vendor Roots by Naa

The team with the dashing Narsh
Video Coverage by Timeless by Naa

I will like to take this opportunity to thank the Almighty God who gave us the strength, insight, foresight, good weather, stable electricity and success all glory to Him. To our awesome sponsors Tama Cosmetics, AfroComb Natural Hair Salon, MGL Naturals, Seven and Seven and pMK World I say "ayekoo". We cannot thank you enough for jumping on the bandwagon and supporting us to achieve our dreams. Thank you for believing in us although this was the first ever event we hosted. May the good Lord replenish your stock a 100 fold. To our vendors, we are grateful and glad that you took the risk to work with us. We hope you will be available when we call upon upon you at the next event. To Auntie Rama and James Brown, thank you soooo very much. What would our event be without you? A total fiasco! God richly bless you.

And to the fantastic and amazing AFROTASTIC team. Janice, Naa Adjeley, Rowie, Ntsifuaba, Laurie, Abiba, Mira......... wow! you guys have been there from day 1 supporting us meetings upon meetings, distribution of flyers, sourcing for sponsorship and vendors, running errands, talking to people. You guys deserve a standing ovation and more! Thank you so much. We couldn't have pulled this off without you.

Lastly to Afrodiva, the commander in chief of AFROTASTIC, who chose to partner with me, thank you for everything, it has been an amazing experience. She came all the way from Norway and put away her books for a while just to make it happen. I'm truly grateful and appreciate you.

Also special thanks to Nii Odzenma Nfoningrapgy and OB of Chale for being present to shoot some of the scenes because at the end of the day it's the photographs that help to keep the memories. Special thanks to Kuuku our graphic designer and sponsor thank you soooooo much for your patience and professionalism. Also a big thank you to all who supported us one way or the other and was there at the event. We are truly grateful for your participation otherwise the chairs would have been empty and the event a total flop. We did this because of you.

Now that i have come to the end of the post i feel nostalgic. AFROTASTIC has come to stay and calls for another event has been increasing. All I can say for now is to keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned. God bless us all.
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If you want to be a part of the next AFROTASTIC event kindly send us an email at I will like to hear from you. Were you at the event? Where did you hear about it from? What segments did you enjoy? What segment did you not enjoy? What will you like to see at the next event?

Thank you for reading

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