Skincare: Overview of the Forever Clair Skincare Products

Hello Beauties, I seem to have gotten my blogging mojo. So this post is an update review on the Forever Clair, FC from here on, range of ...

Hello Beauties,
I seem to have gotten my blogging mojo. So this post is an update review on the Forever Clair, FC from here on, range of skincare products i got some time back. These are the FC Blemish Control Soap (reviewed here), FC Blemish Control Toner (reviewed here) and the FC Multifruit Cream. I have reviewed all of these except for the Multifruit Cream because i keep on postponing it. Will do the post later i promise.

So these products i got sometime back now form part of my skincare routine. Prior to using these products, i was using mostly Garnier products. These worked after a while when i relocated to Ghana. Then the breakouts began and they didn't help much plus they were not easily available in Ghana. So i thought to give the locally available skincare products a try and oh boy i was in for a surprise! I will share with you some before and after pictures of what my skin was going through and how it is looking nowadays.

This pic was taken on the 21st August, 2013
See the pimples around my mouth? Even in this pic i was wearing makeup so you can imagine how bad it was
I started experiencing this breakout and to be honest i thought i was because of my period but when it will go another will re-appear right in the same spot all around my mouth and i was pretty nasty. My confidence level was low as i felt bad about how my skin looked esp when i went out to meet with clients. I mean how could i give skincare advice when my skin was in a pretty bad state?
This pic was taken on the 2nd of September, 2013
No makeup. See the pimples have reduced greatly but the scars are there
All those foreign products were not helping then i decided to try something that was meant for the local populace. It's not as though i heard great reviews about them oh. All i heard was how their products didn't work. But knowing that Ghanaians didn't appreciate local products i still went ahead to purchase them. 
This pic was taken 13th March, 2014
No makeup. All pimples and blemishes absolutely cleared!

Because i was desperate, i made sure to follow the instructions the ladies at the FC Circle branch gave me. I used the products RELIGIOUSLY! There was no day i missed i can assure you. And it really paid off. I work up one day and just realised that my skin was feeling smooth. I was amazed! Wow! I was worried abt the scars not fading so i went back to FC and the lady just assured me to continue with the use and in no time the marks were gone. 
Skin almost as smooth and clear as a baby's bum! I even submitted this pic for a no makeup selfie competition!
So here are some few things i learnt during this "dark" moment in my life, lol! 
  1. It is true that no 2 skins are the same so what might work for me may not necessarily work for you. However since this product is targeted for african skin, you will have a higher rate of success than using foreign products that are formulated with white women in mind. Yes! Our skin types are very different. 
  2. People have no patience, NONE AT ALL, when it comes to treating their skin. It's as though there needs to be an immediate improvement upon application forgetting that the outer layer of the skin takes averagely 30 days to be renewed. So after just a week of use, they will give up and whine about how it's not working. This  is typical Ghanaian attitude. 
  3. A high percentage of people who used FC skin care range of products probably purchased from other retail shops and they didn't know which products to use and how to use it and so got no benefit from using it as wrongful use produced no positive results. I'm glad i went directly to FC. 
So overall:
  1. The reception of the attendants at FC was okay. They will ask you what your problem was and they will go straight to the product that will work for you. 
  2. I was shown how to use the products and asked specifically not to mix with any other products which i believe is an important factor to determine the success of the treatment. Most people mix their products with others and they have had terrible reactions.
  3. Like i said earlier i used the products religiously meaning i followed the instructions to the T, used it morning and evening and didn't mix with other products. 
  4. I had a simple routine of washing with the Blemish Control Soap, then i followed with the Blemish Control Toner and lastly used the Multifruit Cream at night and my day moisturizer EverSheen Cocoa Butter during the day. 
  5. I also kept my face makeup free during this period which i believe was also helpful. 
Conclusion and recommendation. 
  1. FC needs to pull out their products from the retailers and concentrate on giving people the right instructions on how to use their products. This will prevent people from wrongfully using their products.
  2. If you need to get any of their products kindly visit any of their shops so that the attendants can actually have a look at your skin to be able to give you the right products and advice on how to use them and the do's and don'ts. 
  3. Err FC needs to see me for consultancy oh! Auntie Grace if you read this hehehehe! 
So this is my experience with the Forever Clair. For now i don't really follow this rigorous routine anymore. Ha! See black woman oh! Lol! Attribute it to laziness. My skin has remained clear for the most part, i mean it's not perfect as i do get the occasional breakout but nothing serious. I have oily skin and i know it's one of the disadvantages of having oily skin. I will continue to use these products as i find that they have worked for me. Yes i will recommend to anyone as well. 

So that's it! Sorry for the long essay. I hope this post will be helpful for anyone out there having issues. 
Until the next post,
Stay fab,

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