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Hello Beauties, So from the title you can guess this is a haul post. I recently used up my trusty deep conditioner and needed to re-purchas...

Hello Beauties,
So from the title you can guess this is a haul post. I recently used up my trusty deep conditioner and needed to re-purchase and so off i went to Juben after close of work on a weekday. I love that i can get items there even after close of work as they close at 7pm and not at 5pm unlike most beauty supply stores. This beauty supply store is a beauty haven. I really love browsing through the aisles of this shop because they have a variety of items. *sighs* Okay back to the post!

So the main reason why i went there this time was to replenish my hair care stock and more especially try out some other products from the Creme of Nature (CON) Argan Oil range. I wanted to try out the CON Moisture and Shine Shampoo (sulphate free), CON Perfect 7 Leave-In Treatment and the CON Foaming Wrap Lotion. Unfortunately the shampoo had run out, meh! So here are the products i got instead among other beauty items.

1. Creme of Nature Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment - Gh₵ 32.50
Do i need to do a full review on this deep conditioner? Me, i like this stuff and the effect it has on my hair. If i feel my hair is dry, after using this, my hair feels soft and it remains so for a couple of days. Ok i will do a review of it when i discuss my current regimen. Bottom line is i love it and its sweet vanilla scent. 

2. Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect 7 - Gh₵ 29.50
This is basically a water based leave-in conditioner in a spray bottle so you know this will definitely add some moisture to your hair shaft. It claims to do 7 major things to the hair, hmmmm. This is the first time i'm trying it so I will use it for a while and then bring you a review of it later. But upon testing with some strands of my hair all i can say for now is "nice". 

3. Creme of Nature Argan Oil Style and Shine Foaming Mousse - Gh₵ 25.00
Now i had initially set out to get the CON Foaming Wrap Lotion but upon reaching the shop i discovered the mousse. For a moment i was confused as to which one to get but upon getting the two together and reading both labels i was able to make an informed choice. I felt like the wrap lotion was geared more towards relaxed or stretched out hair whiles the mousse was geared towards natural curly hair. There was even a pic of a curly woman attached to the bottle. Anyways this is also my first time trying this product so i will use it for a while and get back to you on it. 

4. Skintimate Moisturizing Cream Shave - Gh₵ 20.00
Err, a shaving cream ok? You, erm, know what its for right? *covers face* I had set out to get Nair hair removal cream but when i saw this i was intrigued and purchased it because Nair and some other hair removal creams can be a bit harsh sometimes. The downside of this cream is that you will have to actually shave ie use it with a shaving stick as compared to the hair hair removal cream which you just apply and wipe off after some minutes and you are good to go. No shaving needed. I think you already know this stuff right? Err, i'm not sure i will be reviewing this stuff, lol! Oh but if anyone needs to know how it went please feel free to message me for the gory details. hehehehe!

5. LYNX Africa Deodorant Spray - Gh₵ 10.00
Can i just say what you are thinking? Awkwaaaaard!!!!!! Lol! Yes this is a men's deodorant spray but its not for myself rather it's for my brother and the boo. I just love how it smells esp on the boo after freshly bathing, *giggles*. 

So that's it for my haul from Juben House of Beauty located at Abeka next to Awo's Boutique or opposite the Tesano Police Depot. For the other items i wanted and didnt get, they asked me to call in a weeks time as they were expecting a consignment soon, yayyyyy!!!!! So i hope to add the shampoo and the Argan Oil itself. The ladies there tried to hook me up with some argan oil and shampoo from another brand but it was way beyond my budget. But it was nice if them to suggest to me alternatives. 

Hopefully soon  i will bring you some excepts of the shop  so you have an idea of what can be gotten there. 
I hope you enjoyed reading. Please share with me if you have tried any of  these items and if you have plans of getting some products other than these to try. 

Untill the next post,
Stay fab and love your hair,

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