HOTD: Side Flat Twists and Twists Combo

Hello naturalistas, i'm glad to bring you yet another hair post. I hope all is well with everyone. I have been away due to protective s...

Hello naturalistas,
i'm glad to bring you yet another hair post. I hope all is well with everyone. I have been away due to protective styling; i previously had in loose braids for about 5 weeks and took them out. I just want to give my hair a break from protective styling and given myself a personal challenge to how i can wear my natural hair out constantly and also to be able to cope with it on all levels.

So this post is loooooooong over due and the hair is about three weeks plus old now. That fateful weekend saw me at Afro Comb Natural Hair Salon in Dzorwulu. As usual i had to wait abt 30 mins before being attended to. Its no fault of theirs lots of naturals of all ages go there to have their hair done. I will soon write a full review of the salon. 

I took my own shampoo, ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo and deep conditioner, Creme of Nature Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment, which i have yet to grab another bottle, love this stuff! I had my hair in a puff so the stylist attending to me misted my hair initially with water and set about to detangle my hair which she did with her finger initially and went over it with an afro comb in sections. After washing she proceeded to add a ton of deep conditioner which i asked her to, lol!

I guess my hair is in a better state than before because during my previous visit the stylist asked me if i had been applying heat via blow drying and after answering in the affirmative told me to stop it as it damages natural hair. This time round she told me to use more of sheabutter as a moisturizer to loosen up and stretch out my hair more, hmmmmmm! Well i have stopped using heat for a while now but the thickness i will attribute to the trim i had recently. I will talk about that in a separate post.

For this particular deep conditioning i asked to be put under the dryer, the stylist was hesitant at first, she asked her superior and after receiving the approval prepped me up in the dryer. Oh gosh! i so do not miss spending time there, whew! Was glad to be out when the 15 mins it was set to was up. 

After washing out the deep conditioner, she proceeded to detangle again in sections. My hair was damp at this point and was misted when there was the need to. She applied Ridges hair pomade sold at the shop as well as some sheabutter and ORS Smooth n Hold Pudding for each twist to hold. 

For the styling i knew i wanted one side cornrowed but after asking Edith, the owner if she could flatwist, she said yes and i was ecstatic, yayyyy, i opted for a side flatwist and i love the results.

I like this style very much and more so love how my hair is much healthier. I don't know how my hair was twisted but it was soft and was quite flexible. Compliments received were flattering even my mom loved it. Winning! I intend to keep this style for about 3 weeks and take it down there after. I will post about my current hair regimen pretty soon so do expect it. 

Until the next post,
stay fab and love your hair,

P.S. Message me for the details of the natural hair salon, Afro Comb at Dzorwulu, in case you wanted to visit them. 

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