Zaron Makeup Haul and mini review

Hello beauties, so sometime last year after the Zaron Makeup Ghana launch, I went back to purchase a few of their products that I enjoyed w...

Hello beauties, so sometime last year after the Zaron Makeup Ghana launch, I went back to purchase a few of their products that I enjoyed working with and was impressed by. They were mostly eye and lip products and I thought to share with you what I purchased and my thoughts on them.

1. Zaron Eyebrow Definer - Ghc 20.00
This is a powder eyebrow kit with two shades; a cool chocolate brown and a dark charcoal brown. Its in a portable matte black case, comes  with a mirror and 2 mini brushes; an angled eyeliner brush with a smudge tip and a spooly. I mostly use this brow kit to set brows defined with a pencil as I find with some pencils the brows tend to get oily after some time so setting with the powder prevents that. This kit can even be used without defining with a pencil. One con is with the shades, the dark brown's too dark and the light brown's too light so if you are a newbie at makeup or light skinned or do not have or like naturally dark brows, this is not for you but as a makeup artist I make it work for me. Another con is that this product since its a powder does not hold the hairs in place. So if you have some stray hairs you will have to set with a clear mascara to prevent the hairs from moving. However this is excellent for those with sparse, barely there brows.

2. Zaron Waterproof Kajal in Arabian Knight - Ghc 12.00
I know most people will be wondering what is this kajal thing kwraaa???? MUAs will kill us. Lol! So a kajal is simply an eyeliner. Lol! So what's special about this one? Well so having tried different eyeliners for tight lining the eyes, most often I found that the eyeliners are not soft enough, or too creamy and \ have had to set with a powder or risk having the eyeliner run down the eyes after a couple of blinks thereby creating raccoon eyes! Not! Not! Not!
This kajal right here is just right! Its hard but not too hard that you need to keep rubbing it in and its creamy but not too creamy that it will run or needs to be set. So it was until I was writing this post I realised that waterproof was written on it. I then had an eureka moment! No wonder! Long and short of it is that this kajal for me is HG!

3. Zaron Eyeshadow and Blush Duo Palette no. 2 - Ghc 40.00
This is an eyeshadow palette filled with 12 very pigmented eye shadows and 2 blushes. The first time I used the palette was at the launch and I tried a bold colour turquoise green which was so gorgeous my mom and others kept on asking for the shade. It was so lovely I decided to go and buy her the palette. The palette has a mixture of shimmery metallic shades and some few matte ones which are extremely pigmented so if you are not a fan of bold shadows  this palette may not be your friend. I will recommend this palette for everyday use because even though I didn't apply a primer it didn't crease up like those cheap eyeshadows in town.

4. Zaron Lip Liner Pencil - Ghc 10.00
I got two shades; mahogany, a brick reddish brown and Prune Juice, a lavender-ish purple. I love these pencils. Super soft and glides easily on the lips. Its even, in my opinion, better than the NYX lip pencils. They form an excellent base for lipsticks and these are a staple in my kit. The only con is its in a pencil form and wish they'd come in the retractable tubes saves product as there will be no need for sharpening.
*Sorry i couldnt get a shot of it. Will try to and update this post when i do.

So that's all beauties. Zaron does have a good range of products for every day wear of decent quality. No need to go out and splurge on foreign brands that are very expensive, may not work for the average user and hard to find. I hope this was helpful.

If you are wondering where to buy authentic Zaron Cosmetics then go to theit shop located at Dzorwulu opposite the SID Theatre. Also find out more info from their facebook page.

Until the next post, keep on being fab!
Xoxo, Annette

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