Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone, *waving excitedly* yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! 2014 is here with us and you know what it means to me? The perfect opportunity to st...

Hello everyone,
*waving excitedly* yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! 2014 is here with us and you know what it means to me? The perfect opportunity to start afresh! Most likely you may not have achieved all the the goals set for the previous year but if there is anything meaningful i learnt in the past year, it is not to give up. So yes, for me the new year means starting afresh, even if its the same goals as last years, it's important to set some.

Anyways, so personally 2013 was an amazing year so i turned my love for makeup into a business which was first Beauty Emporium Gh and it has been successfully re-branded into Beautique Gh. It has been an amazing experience with it's ups and downs. I got the opportunity to work an a makeup artist for Printex Ghana and did my first celebrity makeover for Efya. Yayyy! I also got the opportunity to work backstage at Ghana Fashion and Design Weekeknd where i met some of Ghana's renowned makeup artists. I also worked for Zaron Ghana during the launch of their products in Ghana. Most of all, the opportunity to meet people and transform ladies into bedazzling brides is an experence which is humbling. I also joined the gym at the later part of the year in the bid to control and loose some weight. It's better to try but i'd say consistency is key in this case.

Blogwise, i'd say the highlight for me was attending the Sankofa Meetup and meeting some followers and fellow naturals. I thoroughly enjoyed the pouring of info, discussion, fellowship, etc. I think such meetups are really important. Although i didnt blog as much as i hoped i still made the effort and thats what counts. Oh and also Blogging Camp Ghana '13 too was amazing. Meeting different bloggers in Ghana was really great. Looking forward to this years.

With that being said, here are some of the goals i have for this new year, 2014 in no particular order:

  • Push harder for the things i want and stop being afraid. Most times i rely on people to push me, but this time i want to be more aggressive and pursue the things i need to do
  • Organize the blog, be more Ghana focused because i want people to see and appreciate made in Ghana items.
  • more reviews, tutorials, giveaways, collabos etc 
  • Be more active on the NaturalistaGh facebook page and also host a natural hair meet up
  • take better care of my hair, exercise more and eat more healthily
In short i want to be more proactive than i was last year. The key for me is not to give up. But to keep on persevering, that's the only way i know i can succeed with God's help of course. I hope you share with me some of your goals for 2014.

Until the next post, Keep on being Fab
xoxox Annette

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