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So it just occurred to me that i didn't update you all on the Sankofa Meetup but only did on facebook. Oh well better late than never ri...

So it just occurred to me that i didn't update you all on the Sankofa Meetup but only did on facebook. Oh well better late than never right? Anyways so the Sankofa Meetup held on the 22nd of June, 2013, and was organized by the Sheabutter Cottage to officially launch their natural hair and skin care product line in Ghana.

AfroDiva and Myself

The event began at 2pm but i was fashionably an hour late. On my arrival, Auntie Akua had started her presentation on her range of products. We were seated under a tent in the plush garden with tables set up to display the products. I immediately also took notice of the food table, ah! We were in for a treat. After the presentation was the discussion segment where we asked questions and contributed as well. It was very insightful as questions asked ranged from natural hair to relaxed hair to skin care. Not too long Akua's sister Yaa came just in time to interrupt us for a food break after which everyone went eagerly to the display table to view the products and purchase them.

Another fun part was the networking among both relaxed and natural hair wearers. It was refreshing to chat about hair and skincare. Also on discussion was the challenges faced by the naturalistas in Ghana. It was great to share ideas, problems and get on hand solutions as well.
The event went on till 8 pm with some ladies just coming specifically to purchase products. There was enough chicken and drinks to feed an army and overall i must say we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and meeting followers and subscribers and colleagues as well. The general consensus was that more meetups such as this needed to be organized and i am proud to announce that Sankofa 2 will be announced soon so keep glued to this blog.

I have attached just a few pics here. To see more kindly visit the NaturalistaGh facebook page.
Also check out a short video from +AfroDiva Nally  of the event here.

If you are interested in purchasing products from Sheabutter Cottage, kindly call 0208304396 or place your orders directly on the facebook page at Sheabutter Cottage - Ghana. Be on the lookout for product from them.

Until next time, Keep on being fabulous,

Akua Wood of Sheabutter Cottage - Love her Skirt! was on point!

Essential oils, JBCO, Hair foods, etc

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