Product Rave: ELF Glossy Gloss

Hello Beauties, Today i'm here to rave about another product i'm loving currently. There are certain days when you cannot be bother...

Hello Beauties,
Today i'm here to rave about another product i'm loving currently. There are certain days when you cannot be bothered with lipstick and just want a slight touch of colour to your lips. You want to have that sexy, yet subtle pout that says ''kiss me'' "kiss me", then go in for a lip gloss. Now, the issues with most lip glosses I find are that they are not pigmented enough, too sticky, non moisturizing and gives the ghastly white line on the lips. Argh! I have found, in my opinion, the perfect lip gloss, ELF Studio Glossy Gloss from the ELF Studio line.

ELF Glossy Gloss

Product Description

According to ELF:
"Looking for ultra shine without the shimmer? Glossy Gloss is here! Our high shine, pigmented Glossy Gloss delivers a beautiful sheen and a rich tint of color to your pout. Great for wearing alone or over your favorite e.l.f. Cosmetics lipstick, lip pencil, or any lip color for a vivid gloss effect. The Vitamin E infused formula provides intense hydration and moisture, for lip pucker perfection"
Ah, what more can i say? They really do what they are said to do. These bad boys come in 10 very practical shades. The formulation i will say is moisturizing but not overly stick. Pigmentation is superb: very opaque yet still can be sheered out depending on how it is applied. They are slightly scented with a sweet vanilla scent but do not taste nice.They are non-glittery or non-shimmery. As with moisturizing lip glosses they fade with time especially after eating etc and will need to be re-applied after some time.

L to R: Merry Cherry, Funky Fucshia, Tangy Tangerine, Ballet Slippers

As with most lip gloss packaging, the Elf Glossy Gloss comes in a transparent tube showing you the exact lip gloss colour. Packaging is very sturdy and portable easy to fit in your makeup bag. A bonus for me is with the brush tip applicator that comes with the Elf Glossy Gloss rather than the traditional lip gloss wand employed in most lip glosses. The brush applicator helps to apply just the right amount of lip gloss unto the lips and blend it out with out smudging. This i find the traditional lip gloss wand doing, rather annoying!

Merry Cherry, Funky Fucshia, Tangy Tangerine, Ballet Slippers
L to R: Merry Cherry, Funky Fucshia, Tangy Tangerine, Ballet Slippers

These bad boys are super affordable and cost only $3 each. Compared with some high end lip glosses costing say $15 each, you can get about 5 different shades of ELF Glossy Gloss for the price of one. Now how cool this that?

Now here is where i have a problem, these bad boys are not the easiest to find. Although most ELF products are sold on other online websites, the glossy glosses are never included. To the best of my knowledge it is only found on the ELF website. Even on the ELF website sometimes not all the shades are available! Most often certain shades are almost always out of stock! Even worse when there is a promo! I think in the US these can be purchased at Target and the new ELF flagship shop in NYC.

I sometimes wear these alone, over just lip pencil and also over lipstick and it works amazing. I have in my personal collection the shades, Tangy Tangerine, Merry Cherry, Funky Fucshia and Ballet Slippers. I look forward to having the entire collection when ELF decides to have all the shades in stock that is.

Here my traditional bride is wearing Funky Fucshia over NYX Fucshia lip pencil

I would say the ELF Glossy Gloss is an amazing lip gloss because it has the right amount of pigmentation, comes in a variety of shades, comes with a brush applicator tip, smells nice and above all is super affordable!
Will i recommend this to anyone? YES!

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