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Hello Naturalistas, So i have recently gotten the vibe of wearing my natural hair out into my system. I feel like its high time I fully emb...

Hello Naturalistas,
So i have recently gotten the vibe of wearing my natural hair out into my system. I feel like its high time I fully embraced it esp the short length.

Ok confession time
For sometime now i haven't been taking very good care of my hair. Well......... I was taking care of it but not fully committed. What peeved me was the fact that is was shedding more than what i considered normal. This was the main reason why i switched from relaxed to natural but was still experiencing the same shedding wahala. So to prevent me from seeing coils of hair lying about my room i always opted for protective styling to prevent me from dealing with it. But after thinking thoroughly i realized that probably i was not detangling properly to remove all the shed hair esp after taking out the protective style. After taking the time to properly detangle my hair during the last wash, i can proudly say i saw little shedding during my wash session. Anyways to cut the long story short i have decided to go on a ban on long term protective styling esp on weaves and braids. I will wear wigs for days when i need my hair to set or i am having a bit of a challenge.

Back to the Matter
So during my last wash; i shampooed with my trusty Tresemme Natural Nourishing Moisture Shampoo and conditioned with Tresemme Naturals Vibrantly Smooth Conditioner which i mixed with honey and amla oil (wow! will rave about it in another post). I moisturized with Creme of Nature Argan Oil Strength and Shine Leave-in Conditioner and applied some butter i had in my stash to my hair. Initially i thought it was shea butter but later on i'm realizing it is coconut oil solidified at room temperature. Oh well! It worked for me and i prefer it in that state.  I twisted my hair into mini twists with just the coconut butter. I left the twists in for 4 days and on the 5th day i unravelled the twists for a twist out. Omggggggg! Super defined hair be whaaaat?! Wow! I fell in love with my hair once more. I wore the twist out to the Sankofa Meetup (pics coming right up) and received some compliments, oh i was pleased. So on Sunday for church i pinned the twist out to the side and for the rest of the working week i have been protective styling by wearing a twist out puff which i think is chic and elegant and very suitable for work. 

People were suprised to see that i have natural hair and gave me compliments others too joked and laughed about it. 

Well you can't please everyone can you? So that's been my little hair story. Loving my hair each and everyday better and better. Oh! one more thing, i realized i am in dire need of hair accessories as my wardrobe is woefully lacking in that area. Pls any recommendations for affordable ones are welcome. Untill next time, 

P.s. i have a little update in the pipeline so stay tuned for the next post. 
P.S.S. i took the pics with my fon and uploaded this post via the mobile blogger from the app store. I think it is a great too to have for blogging on the go or writing to edit later. Be sure to check it out. 

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