Featured: Naturalista Abiba

Hello Naturalistas, I have the pleasure of featuring the lovely naturalista, Abiba from Accra Ghana, who's hair is ah-maziiiiiiiing and...

Hello Naturalistas,
I have the pleasure of featuring the lovely naturalista, Abiba from Accra Ghana, who's hair is ah-maziiiiiiiing and to die for by the way. Kindly take a seat, a chilled glass of juice and enjoy with a slice of your favorite cake, mine is victoria sponge cake, as you read this. Please leave any questions and comments you might have for Abiba to address, she's loaded.

Pls introduce your lovely self.
A: My name is Abiba.

I'm sure you have an amazing hair story, we'd love to hear about it
A: I have been natural for 4years and 4 months now and I must say it has been an interesting journey. I didn’t do a major big chop but I cut off all the relaxed ends gradually. I started this in January 2009. I had (and trust that I still do) wanted to chop off all my hair but my sweet mother was sooooo against it. I learned and accepted a bit early prior to my natural hair journey that "ITS JUST HAIR AND IT WILL GROW BACK". I chopped off all my healthy long relaxed hair for two reasons:

a. I had always (and I vehemently still do) loved natural hair and wanted a piece of the action, lol! But on a more serious note I wasn't enjoying being in other people's styling chairs. Those familiar with this know very well the kind of treatment we have to endure at the mercy of such stylists. It ranges from a myriad of problems, it’s either your hair is not being washed well or they are practically scrubbing the life out of your scalp. The pulling and just the disrespectful treatment in general. And Boy! Going to the salon has gotten quiet expensive with time. It’s as if we are going to be sprouting golden strands after every visit.

b. The second reason is that (am soo ashamed to say this but) I had to prove a point to my mother. She swore my hair won’t grow back if I cut it. Well, I have always liked a good challenge and from the looks of things I hit the ground running and am winning. Lol! Youtube videos and natural hair blogs have been my saving grace.

Describe your typical wash day hair routine
A: Before every wash day I prepoo. I prepoo with coconut oil because it makes my hair soft and am able to finger detangle easily. My greatest obstacle is detangling, and coconut oil makes this ordeal bearable. Thank God for coconut oil. I can prepoo from a few hours and well into days. I remember prepooing once for 2 days!!! I was hard pressed for time but there was no harm done. My hair loves oils.
After prepooing the next step is shampooing. I used to be all crazy about avoiding certain “harsh” chemicals. I was all about using sulphate free shampoos (and there is nothing wrong about it, it’s actually the best thing to do), but honestly I don’t mind anymore. I use what gets the job done well.
I have severe dandruff issues and so I can’t be picky even if I wanted to. I concentrate on my scalp and I have a very sensitivity scalp so I use just the pads of my fingertips (please tell your hair dressers to quit scratching your scalps like they are exorcising demons from it, lol) when getting the dirt out. Because I prepoo prior to shampooing I usually find that my hair is not stripped of all its oils and it does not have the squeaky clean feel. The suds of the shampoo travels down the length of my hair and that way I get the rest of my hair clean without having to put the shampoo directly on my strands.
I then follow with a conditioner of choice. I often wash my hair over the sink or outside and so am able to leave the conditioner in my hair for 30 minutes to an hour while I do something else. This literally melts all the tangles I missed when I initially finger detangled. After this I wash the conditioner out and dry my hair with a microfiber towel I made because the normal sizes I see around don’t fit.
I apply my leave in on damp hair ALWAYS. I never allow my hair to dry before this process. I have realized I use less products this way, I get maximum coverage and my hair absorbs (more like gulps) the products I apply at this stage.
I finally seal with my oil of choice. It could be amla, coconut, EVOO or some oil I have at hand. I love buns and that is what I finally do if I have no time for a particular style.

What are some of your hair "must haves"?
A: Henna, vinegar, eggs, leave-in conditioner and my trusty oils (coconut oil, alma, EVOO etc.)

What is a complete "no no" for your hair?
A: Drying my hair with a towel (the way the saloons do)

What is your favorite go to hair style?
A: I love top knots, buns, buns and more buns (without gel)

Share with us one random fact about your hair
A: I can go months without detangling (Laziness) and I end up paying dearly for it. On the brighter side my hair thrives and literally sprouts with less manipulation. Also I love sampling hair color.

Where do you get your natural hair products from?
A: Indian shops scattered around. Where ever I see an Indian shop I always pay it a visit. It’s amazing the goodies you will find at places like that. And also from the SHEABUTTER COTTAGE.

Do you frequent any natural hair salons in Ghana?
A: I have never been to a natural hair salon but I would love to visit Twists n Locs, Osu for a treat sometime.

Are you social? Where can we find you?
A: You can find me on facebook at Naturally Beautiful - Gh and very soon at a blog near you watch out.

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