Collaboration: What I Will Get If I Had $100

Hello Beauties, It's finally refreshing to be posting once again. I owe this post to the lovely Evita of Evita Joseph Beauty  whom i ha...

Hello Beauties,
It's finally refreshing to be posting once again. I owe this post to the lovely Evita of Evita Joseph Beauty whom i had the pleasure of meeting in person at the BloggingGhana Camp event held last week. She is a talented MUA in Ghana and I have been an avid reader of her blog. She posts regularly and i am always happy when i see posts from her. So after meeting her i did tell her about the fact that she posted regularly which i enjoyed. So she came up with the idea for us to do a collaboration post which i absolutely loved and unfortunately, so typical of me, dragged the agreed post date! Oh well! better late than never. Please be sure to check out her interesting blog post here.

As an upcoming makeup artist building my makeup and beauty collection, i do not have a lot of cash to spare and always on the search for essential beauty supplies. However, there are some items that are on my personal beauty and makeup wish list that if i were to be gifted with a $100 ie 200 Gh Cedis i will not think twice than to purchase. But in reality, this amount is woefully inadequate as there are a million and one items on my mua wish list which are top priority. However, below are 4 items i will gladly purchase for myself.

1. MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo - $15
So i am a sucker for red lips and always on the search for beautiful red shades of lipsticks to purchase. I know lots of women of colour shy away from red lipsticks and it's amazing how in Ghana, the red lipstick shade is associated with women from the Ewe tribe. Well, perhaps the fact that i am half Ewe might justify my love for the colour, lol! But seriously i find women who wear red lipsticks to be bold and confident. For dark skinned women who wish to try out red lipsticks, i will recommend blue-toned reds as opposed to bright orange-toned reds. Disclaimer: You are free to wear whatever shade of red you so desire, there are no rules, so long as you wear it well and feel comfortable in it why not?!
So the most popular red lipstick that seems to suit all skin tones is MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo. This is described by MAC on their website as "very matte vivid blue-red". Excellent description. It suits all the women who wear happen to be wearing it.


2. Clinique High Lengths Mascara - $16
I do believe that God doesn't give all good things to one person, lol! You definitely must be lacking in one area or the other. Mine amongst other things is eye lashes; i have the most shortest and scattered eyelashes ever! False eyelashes for me, i feel are too dramatic no matter the length, even the shortest lengths are too long to look natural. I strongly believe that false lash manufacturers did not have ladies with very short eyelashes in mind. All i require is to have a little more length and still look natural hence the miracle product, Mascara! So there are different types mascaras depending on the effect and formulation. By effect i mean what it does to the eyelashes, so there are lengthening, volumizing, etc. Also for formulation there are glossy, waterproof, matte, etc. As there are millions of mascaras, i look out for those that say lengthening more than those that say volumizing. I also look at the types of wands as there are wands that do not let the lashes clump together and gunk up, Arghhh!!! i hate that!. I have seen good reviews of the Clinique High Impact Range of mascaras. I choose the Clinique High Lengths Mascara because its unusual wand is curved and small enough to get to the very bottom of my curved and scattered eyelashes. The bristles on the wand are such that it will separate and brush every lash into place whiles coating and giving them the much needed length.

3. GiorGio Beverly Hills Perfume Set - $40
Every lady loves to smell good and so do i. My personal type of notes for fragrance is mostly floral however, i also love musky notes as well. I have used this perfume, Giorgio Beverly Hills, in the past and i must say i really liked it. I quite cannot explain the scent, its just exotic to me. It says here that its Orange Flower, Bergamot Tuberose, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Gardenia Moss, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Vanilla, wow! I love a good deal and for $40 i can have both the hand lotion which smells amazing too and the 90ml fragrance bottle. Amazing! It lasts all day too. I hear in the 80s this was one of the most popular scents which was a must have for women. It became too popular that it flopped! Oh well! i can just imagine but since its popularity has died down now i can enjoy it too, lol!

4. The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Care Kit - $25 
I am going through a rough time with my skin. I had previously neglected my skin care regimen and now i am paying dearly for that. I have previously incorporated tea tree oil into my regimen and this helped to keep pimples and such away. The Body Shop is a skin care company that provide natural skin care solutions for both men and women. I wish to have the Tea Tree Skin Care Set because it carries all the products i will need for each step of my regimen although in small sizes and also comes very handy in a bag. The products include a cleanser, a toner, a lotion and an oil.

At this point, i have just $4 left and i believe my $100 is well spent. Please be sure to check out the post from +Evita Joseph as this is a collaboration post. I hope this was enjoyable and interesting. Feel free to comment as to what you would have gotten with $100. Also if you have used any of the products i wrote about pls, feel free to share your thoughts on them.

Until next time, Stay Fab!
xoxo, Annette

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  1. Interesting items in basket. i love Ruby Woo, it's so violent and pretty.

    1. Yes Ruby Woo is pretty, i have swatched it before but didnt purchase it bcuz i have a dupe for it, Milani True Colour lipstick in Energized which has been discontinued. when swatched they are similar however they photograph differently, so i want to have ruby woo now lol!

  2. Hhehehehheh....and I was thinking of stocking a complete makeup!! How much would I need for a simple start in makeup for myself.....Don't tell me i need more than $500!!

    1. Hi Stella, lol! dun mind me, these products right here are high end luxurious products, for starters you can buy a lot with $100 esp with drugstore brands so do not be moved by this post lol!


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