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Hello Beauties, So since the beginning of this year, i have been experimenting different looks on myself and i must say my eye makeup ski...

Hello Beauties,
So since the beginning of this year, i have been experimenting different looks on myself and i must say my eye makeup skills have increased!. Lol! Practice is definitely key. Anyways i should have blogged about them earlier during my blogging hiatus but oh well! here they are. Too bad i cannot fully remember the exact products i used for each and every picture, sighs! Anyways i am on instagram, @toniakye, so you can find me there and some of the looks i do for myself and clients. Oh yes i said clients! I am freelancing makeup now. Find my page on facebook, Beauty Emporium Gh, where i have exhibits of my work. So i am available for bookings just send me a mail,, if you are interested. I am super affordable, lol! Anyways enjoy these few pics.

Neutral Eyes with Deep pink lips

 shimmery neutral eyes with pink lips! Thought this would be lovely for a wedding look

I attended a wedding and this was the look i did Fiery Red and bronze eyes with a red and coral ombre lips

Silver and pink eyes with pink lips and cheeks - would do for a wedding look too

Ah my fav! Silver eyes with Vampy dark lips and i added lashes too

Never been a fun of green eyes on me but i think i pulled this one off a bit!
Doll inspired look - what do you think?

Ha! Blue eyes with orange lips and cheeks

 I think this is more of a traditional wedding look

Switched up the orange lips for a deep pink one

Oh with matching cheeks too lol!

Up-close: Looooove da eyes

So since cant fully remember which product i used for what here is a breakdown of products i usually use and possible for any of these looks

Milani Creme to Powder Foundation in Walnut or Sleek New Skin Revive in Demerara
Sleek Loose Translucent Powder in Dark

NYX eyeshadow base in Skintone or White
Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes: Primer, Chaos, Sunset, PPQ, Monaco, Curacao
MUA Eyeshadow Palette: Undressed, Going for gold, Heaven and Earth

Sleek Blushes: Flame, Pink Sprint, Pumpkin

MUA Lipsticks: 2, 8. LMK, Its A Stiuation
Milani Lipstick

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  1. I love the looks! My fave is the doll inspired looks. I shd come for a make over :)

    1. Awwww thanx, haahahahahaha hit me up when you are ready dear

  2. I am learning this make-up thing ooh. I have a hard time getting my face smooth. You should do more videos on youtube

    1. Hi Dela do you use a face primer? perhaps you shd invest in one helps to fill in the pores etc. Hahahahaha Youtube! i hope to return to it soon, thanx

  3. I have a hard time choosing a favourite!! Love them all!! Hey, how much would it cost to get lessons? Do you offer any?

    1. Hi Stella at the moment i am not offering any lessons as i am not fully equipped to handle a class yet. However, there would be in the future, stay tuned to my facebook page and be on the lookout for the announcement


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