Hair of the day: Faux Curly Bun

Happy new year!!!!!! *waves* Hope everyone had a fantastic xmas and wonderful new year! I have been back home to Ghana since end of last ye...

Happy new year!!!!!! *waves* Hope everyone had a fantastic xmas and wonderful new year! I have been back home to Ghana since end of last year and i'm so happy to be back. Thoroughly enjoyed my xmas and happy to be back to the company of family friends and loved ones.
Yep! i'm terrible! Been on a blogging hiatus is an understatement lol! First i didn't have reliable internet so blame my absence on GLO and then when tiGO finally sorted me out, erm...... there is no reason. 

Well i have been caught up facebooking instead of blogging. Ah! I have been working behind the scenes to start doing professional makeup part time. It's a big adventure for me and i hope it goes on well. Be sure to like my facebook page Beauty Emporium Gh as i would be showcasing most of my work there. Also i will be hosting a free giveaway with the chance of winning a free makeover, so be sure to like my page so you do not miss out!

Ok since my return to the motherland i have rocked some long braids and also a full fringe weave. I have only had the chance to let my hair breathe on few occasions. However after wearing the weave for long i got fed up took it off and here is what i came up with.

I now realise why my bestie Jeni tells me i have some momma (forehead) lol!

Loving the subtle makeup to go with the hair, who says being a natural is boring?!

Oh did i mention this is my hair at 8 months? Be Inspired!
This Bun was achieved by spritzing my hair with some water and applying my gel of choice, Ecostlyer olive oil edition to the edges. I then gathered up the hair into a ponytail with some ouchless headbands (headband without the metal clasps): large and tight enough to go around my head twice and brushed my edges with a soft bristled brush. I then tied a scarf to allow the edges to lay flat which they only did for a while. I need to find a better method to allow my hair to be slicked back well, it would when my hair grows a bit longer. I then twisted the fro into mini twists and rolled them with perm rods. Hence the curly fro. I must admit i am really loving my natural hair although it can be a hustle sometimes this style provides an elegant look to the fro bun and in it's twisted state reduces tangles associated with having a fro. 
Anyways, follow me on instagram @toniakye as i am quite active. Check out the natural hair facebook page, NaturalistaGh as we have a small community growing there. Untill next time, stay fab and enjoy your natural hair.
xoxo, Annette

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  1. gorgeous. Glad you back from your hols
    and the new plans ahead of you....:)
    lovin the hai ;)

    1. Thanks Ola feels good to be back and still trying to find my way around blogging again. Thank you

  2. thanks to my bad internet, i can't see the pixs!! :( But would check it out again going straight to your page and hope i win the giveaway... i have no clue about making up...maybe a gorgeous makeover will give me the kick!! lol!!

    1. Oh crap! i wrote this post and it was sitting in draft during the giveaway and forgot to edit. Sorry Stella the giveaway is over for now however, pls do like the page as there are more to come


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