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Hi Beauties, This a looooooong over due post. So i happened to be facebooking as usual on a Sunday night before christmas last year (yes ...

Hi Beauties,
This a looooooong over due post. So i happened to be facebooking as usual on a Sunday night before christmas last year (yes very late post) when a page i had liked, All Pure Nature, posted a christmas carol contest which i quickly responded and emerged the winner. Yayyyyyyy!!!!!! I was really excited as i had previously thought of going there to review their shop and if possible some of their products.

Anyways this company, All Pure Nature, is Ghanaian owned, based in Osu, Accra and specializes in all natural handmade skin cosmetics and hair care products under the brand Pure Essence as well as scented candles and some Ghanaian artifacts.

ALL PURE NATURE - I love the interior decor
Upon entry you are immediately greeted by the different scents which i found pleasant and not overpowering.

Gosh This smells so good

Body oil looks good!

Scented candles which are good for relaxation. Trust me these even give off lovely scent without it being lit

Body Scrub- my dear friend Millie purchased this and she loves it! Uses it together with olive oil and it exfoliates the skin leaving it bright and soft

More scrubs

CEO, extremely friendly and patient at explaining the different types of products, oh! her skin is amazing!

Variety of products to choose from

Shea Hair Shampoo- All natural sulphate free Shampoo
Black Cream Soap

Coco Black Soap which is basically refined African Black Soap 

Oh yh! Lemme pose small! lol!

CEO, Gladys Commey and myself receiving my goodies, did i mention her skin looked amazing?!

love the packaging

My goodies- Scented Candles, Unscented soap and More soap! love the packaging with the christmas kente theme- brillant

Shea Hair Conditioner
So All Pure Nature, hosts a vast range of natural handmade products under the brand Pure Essence for all skin types; hand lotions, ointments, scrubs, hair conditioners, sulphate-free hair shampoos, shower gels, massage oils, soaps, creams, etc.. The vast majority of their products are manufacturednfrom local natural resources such as shea butter, herbs, flowers, african black soap etc.. They do not use animal products and do not test on animals as well. They pride in being environmentally friendly and sustainable and also give back to their community by supporting local developmental programmes. Their products are available for wholesale and retail and also customized services. 

What i love is their attention to detail and it shows in their superb packaging which really is up to international standard and very innovative in incorporating bits and bobs of the local Ghanaian culture into it. Makes me proud to be Ghanaian as these products are exported outside the country as well. 

Wedding favours i'm sure you won't mind receiving these
They also provide customized packages such as for gifts and hampers for any occasion as well as wedding favours, ohhhhhhhh! the packaging is really unique and i'm thinking to use that for my wedding favours, lol! Did i mention that the prices are super affordable and reasonably priced?

Anways, so far i am impressed about this Ghanaian owned company and the products and services they offer. I am yet to review some of their products but so far the unscented soap i'd say is non-irritant and helpful for those with sensitive skin.
Kindlly find them on facebook  and check out more pictures and info on their products 
or visit them at 10th Lane Ringway east,opposite citizen kofi. OSU , 233 Accra, Ghana, Osu behind Citizen Kofi or at the Marina Mall. Call them on +233 24 437 0886
Email them at info@allpurenature.com or allpurenaturegh@yahoo.com. Also visit their website on www.allpurenature.com  

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  1. Lovely stuff! I've been wanting to go in there for quite sometime but I always forget. I'm definitely going now! What are their prices like?

    1. The prices are quite affordable and reasonable priced if you have 10 cedis you can be sure to get away with some good stuff! Esp the shampoos or conditioners

  2. I love candles! I can literally smell them as I read this lol. Their products look great and I love the decor of the shop...off to check their website.

    1. Yes the candles give off scents even without being lit! i couldn't even get all their products you can also check their facebook page and i believe they offer international shipping

  3. what a beautiful paradise. I want to visit this shop too bad. You captured the images nicely

    1. Oh thank you coming from the photoo herself then it means i did well :)
      Yes i am dying to go back there, its really heavenly with the nice smells. perhaps when next u visit Gh

  4. Will i get a good cream to tone my skin really well and for how much?

    1. Hi They make natural skincare products, i'm not too sure so you'll have to pass by the shop although i know sheabutter to be a natural skin toner hopefully you can get something

  5. Awesome.Proud to be Ghanaian.Thanks Anntte!!!

    1. Me too Naa we need more brands as Pure Essence


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