SkinCare 101: Skin Types

So i have recently decided to revive my skincare routine as it had gone slack due to laziness. I do realize that whenever i paid attention ...

So i have recently decided to revive my skincare routine as it had gone slack due to laziness. I do realize that whenever i paid attention to my skin the results were great! My skin glowed, felt smooth and stayed blemish free.
What prompted me to start a skin regimen was a facial treatment i received during an end of year review meeting held at the Holy Trinity Spa and Health Farm in Sogakorpe. That was the first time i had ever had a facial and i loved how my skin felt afterwards. I wished i could go often but the price was quite steep. I became intrigued as to what constituted a facial and realized that an at home version was possible for way less. So before i started my skin regimen i did some research as i was overwhelmed with the variety of products available for skin care.

In my opinion, it is FIRST important to know what kind of skin you have as most facial and beauty products are formulated based on skin type and needs. Very briefly i'll address the 5 basic skin types based on the amount of sebum secreted:

Normal Skin type is neither oily nor dry. I'd say it usually has a healthy glow and less prone to breakouts. Skin feels smooth and soft.

Combination skin type is characterized by having a more oily t-zone, ie, forehead and nose whiles the other areas of the face remains drier. I'd say normal skin type would be combination of both dry and oily types with a balance in the secretion of sebum.

Like the name suggests this skin type is often associated with the secretion of excess sebum leaving the face oily and shiny. Very prone to blemishes and breakouts. Difficulty in keeping makeup for long as it tends to slide off the face when oily. The advantage of this skin type is how well it ages with less wrinkles. :-)

This skin type appears to be dull, dry and lacks shine. Very prone to flaking if not properly taken care of. 

This may fall under either oily or dry skin. Skin is easily irritated and irritation may result in break-outs, reddening, itching and tightening. 

So now that we have identified our skin type, we can make very good choices when we are buying facial products. I would like to share some simple tips based on your skin types.

There are certain keywords to be looking out for when purchasing facial products if you have oily skin. These are:
Oil-free, etc. 
An ingredient to be looking out for is clay as this is able to absorb oil and keep the face shine free. Avoid intense moisture products. Cheap at home remedy to keep skin oil-free and makeup last longer, try Milk of Magnesia. Check the review here

Look out for certain keywords:
Allergen free
Fragrance free
Alcohol free
Paraben free

So now that we have identified our skin types, we can be able to purchase the right products for our skin and beauty regimen.
What is your skin type? Care to share your skin type secret or advice if you have any?
As usual, Keep on being fab!

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