My Natural Hair Story

So ever since i went natural, i know most ladies have become curious about this natural hair "thing". I have gotten messages here...

So ever since i went natural, i know most ladies have become curious about this natural hair "thing". I have gotten messages here and there and i know a few are just watching to see where it leads to. I'd like to talk a little about my hair story.
Most ladies like myself after travelling abroad complain about how their hair has been messed up and how it has taken for the worst! Most people blame very much the weather, however, I'd dare say that when you happen to travel abroad, you do not have access to affordable salons and you tend to neglect your hair. Also because you are used to having your hair done for you say weekly, you have no idea as to what goes into your hair and why. You and your hair aren't best pals. The good thing abroad however, is that you have access to good hair products, but still if you do not understand what you are doing your hair won't thrive. Then again most people have it mind that oh if i stop relaxing and go natural my hair would fare better. This isn't 100% true as your natural hair needs as much tlc as your relaxed hair.
Anyways guess i got bored with my relaxed hair. The longest it got was midway between armpit length (APL) and bra strap length (BSL). It got to a point when it was brittle and breaking off. I could not bear seeing my hair come off in clumps, i was petrified  But thinking of it, i had not been washing my hair myself as it was done for me at the salon and i never bothered to watch the sink to see if it was coming out. I remember just once doing a treatment when my stylist on campus recommended it. My hair thrived then, i had regular trims, treatment, etc but i still never understood the reason for that and just like me most ladies have no idea.
Anyways, thank God for google and youtube! There was and is a ton of info and esp cheap at home remedies that i could do to improve the health of my hair. That's when i got interested in natural hair after seeing wonderful results ladies posted about their hair journey. I initially tried to transition but i couldn't deal with the two textures and the new growth was thick! I also did not have enough knowledge at that time to deal with the two different textures. How i regret going back to the relaxer! Anyways better late than never right?!
I am enjoying my natural hair journey and almost at 6 months. I have a lot to learn and discover. I'll share with you my big chop experience. Click here to check that out. At one year i'll show a proper hair journey. Meanwhile i'll be posting about regimen, products, tutorials etc, so stay tuned. 
Hair at 5 months- super defined twist out from one week old mini twists

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  1. Thanks for this, I am 2 months post and it isnt bad at all. I thank God I dont have to get a relaxer like ever again, LOL. You are my natural hair big sis and that lipstick is banging! xxx

    1. Awwwwww i am glad to be of help lol! thanx.... we need to encourage each other to stay relaxer free


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