Beauty Blender Dupe Review

I have been experimenting with tons and tons of makeup, and i finally recognise what it is i am looking out for in my makeup. I prefer a sh...

I have been experimenting with tons and tons of makeup, and i finally recognise what it is i am looking out for in my makeup. I prefer a sheer to medium coverage with a flawless finish. Simply put, I want my makeup to look like skin. Lol! I am constantly on the lookout for anything that helps with that. So after hearing makeup guru on youtube, Gossmakeupartist, recommend using a makeup sponge, particularly the beauty blender, for a flawless application of foundation, i decided to try it out. He suggested a dupe for the beauty blender same as the one branded by Cosmopolitan which was the same product for less and it did the exact same job. It is also being sold on Ebay for cheaper. So i hopped into superdrug and got myself one.

The sponge is very easy to use, simply wet it with water and dab into your foundation. Then bounce it on and off your face to blend it. That's all! Very easy to do. This simple technique does require patience and the results are excellent, very well blended, flawless and looks like skin.


  • It gives a  very flawless finish as the sponge presses the foundation into the skin as opposed to a brush which lets the foundation sit on the skin.
  • Tapered end of the sponge can be used to get to smaller areas like around the corners of the nose and under the eyes.
  • It can be used for liquid or cream foundation 


  • As with sponges it absorbs a lot of the product but this can be avoided by totally wetting the sponge before application. 
  • It is a little more time consuming so i would not advise this method if in a hurry otherwise the results is worth the time. 

All i can say is that i absolutely love this makeup sponge and i highly recommend that you get one. 
Have you used this sponge before? I'd love to know what your view is on it. Would you be trying it out? I hope to do a tutorial soon using this sponge for a flawless look. 

Keep on being fabulous,
Love, Annette

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  1. I haven't quite got the hang of using this sponge. I think I prefer using a buffing brush but maybe I'm not using it properly.

    1. Hi Nia, i find that this sponge provides a more flawless finish than the buffing brush, at first i was all about my elf flat top brush, powder brush, now its this sponge! Perhaps you can also try this: Use the buffing brush to apply the foundation then blend with this sponge, pls lemme know how you get on xoxo


I would love to hear from you, pls feel free to comment, contribute or ask questions xoxo Annette