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Hi Divas, Sometime late last year, I was going through a rough period with my skin. My skin was uneven with dark spots from occasional...

Hi Divas,
Sometime late last year, I was going through a rough period with my skin. My skin was uneven with dark spots from occasional breakouts, so bad I began wearing foundation almost every time I had to go out. Not that I have the worst of skin but it’s not the best too. I usually have oily combination skin, large and raised pores and then again acne breakouts here and there. It was not always bad there were times that my skin was good but then it would get worse. So I just decided to get online, YouTube, and look at what people were using to treat their acne and clear spots. But then again I wanted a natural remedy as the chemical ones although professed to be good were also costly. Then I came across this God given natural miracle. It’s always been readily available but I have never paid much attention to it and am sure you have not either. Wanna bet? Ok. So it’s the African Black Soap aka “Alata Samina” or popularly known as Dudu Osun by the Nigerians. This is the “Holy Grail” of all soaps and no, I am not kidding.

LOL the irony is that the soap is actually brown not black lol!
So if you don’t know what this is, it’s a soap made from all natural ingredients like shea butter, cocoa pod, honey, plantain skin, palm kernel oil, just to name a few. It is all natural. It is an extremely versatile soap with anti-bacterial properties so it is very good for controlling mild acne, clearing spots and brightening the skin. It is also used for treatment of heat rashes, eczema, etc. It is very good for people with hypersensitive skin since it is made using all natural ingredients unless you are allergic to any of them.
Well I started by using the Nigerian version, Dudu Osun, which is widely available in most afro-Caribbean shops and within two weeks of usage I began to notice a difference in my skin. My skin seemed smoother and had a healthy look, it was literally glowing. No! I am not joking. My friends have been commenting on how nice my face is looking, glowing and they can’t actually put their fingers on it, lol. So I thought to myself that I could get hold of the locally made Ghanaian one so I did. I have been using it since and I have stopped using my Garnier products. They are just sitting in my bathroom for d├ęcor sake, lol. The funny thing is that my beloved had always been using this soap but I just thought he was being stingy, lol; pls don’t tell him, lol and I just realized why he has lovely blemish free skin.
  • ·         All natural soap made with organic products
  • ·         Very cheap as a little bit lathers much and lasts long
  • ·         Can be used as a makeup remover as well as a clarifying shampoo which leaves the hair soft and moisturized
  • ·         Tightens and reduces pores and fine lines hence reduces the appearance of wrinkles- no need for Botox, lol
  • ·         Reduces the appearance of spots and brightens skin
  • ·         Helps keep mild acne at bay

  • ·         It can dry out the face a bit but it’s nothing shea butter can’t solve

A little bit goes a long way as it lathers well. So wash your face with warm water, then gently lather the soap and apply the lather unto your face not the soap itself, wait for 5 minutes, wash it off and apply your moisturizer immediately preferably shea butter. Remember to see results you need to use it at least for 6 months, you would just be patient.
That’s it divas, I hope you give it a try and you won’t regret it. Have you been using this soap already? Share your experience.
P.S. I learnt the Nigerian version is more potent hence might be a bit harsh if you have super sensitive skin. 

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  1. i use to use it but not any-more.

  2. Hi Naniiya, I would like to know why you stopped using it... care to share? Thanx

  3. Alata samina is the bomb. I started using this 2months ago. I mix it with sugar, olive oil, rose water, and distilled water plus essential oil. It makes a really good facial scrub.
    I use to break out a lot but trust me my face is so nice now.

  4. Yes Dela its very good just that we take it for granted n prefer to use foreign n unnatural soaps as for me this is going to be in my bathroom forever...... its the holy grail of soaps, i top it off with shea butter and my skin has been good. I'll try the other ingredients u mentioned with it....


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