My First Makeup Experience

So I grew up with a mom who was and still is into makeup and was always perplexed as to why she even bothered to spend so much time to put...

So I grew up with a mom who was and still is into makeup and was always perplexed as to why she even bothered to spend so much time to put that brown powder called, ‘pancake’, on her face with that red lipstick of hers. I remember going to Makola or Rawlings Park with her and fuming over moving from one cosmetic seller to the other looking for some of that ‘pancake’ stuff. These annoying sellers would try to sell different types even when you go looking for a particular type. She was always trying different brands and sometimes when she felt there was a particular product she liked she couldn’t find it anymore because either the product was a one off item or the seller had relocated. Sometimes she would get recommendations from friends to try out some particular brand but was never satisfied. So when I grew up and felt that it was time for me to start using makeup, in university, lol, I really didn’t know what I was doing and would steal my mom’s but because she was fairer than I was it always looked horrible and then I got discouraged and vowed never to use pancake, mine was lipgloss and eyeliner. How I hated even lipstick my bestie, Fafa, would attest to that fact.
So I started experimenting on makeup by watching friends and trying on products and getting some recommendations from self acclaimed makeup artists, lol. The first I got was a sleek coverstick which was technically a concealor and always left me oily. Then I was recommended to try the Sleek Translucent loose powder which I was told would soak up oil and was good for oily skin. Hmmmmmm still did not work a hundred percent for me as I did not know the right products to go for.
So luckily for me after visiting the high end products, MAC, and learning from experienced makeup artists on youtube, lol, I finally understood what product would be suitable for me. Well I am still learning and trying on different products to find suitable ones. Also learning the techniques of application has been very helpful as it can cause a difference in the overall look. So how was your first major experience with makeup like? Feel free to comment and follow.

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  1. Thumbs up to the Makola Rawlings Park cosmetic sellers, lol

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