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Hi gals, so ever spent hours doing your makeup in the morning looking so so fresh only to look in the mirror 2 hours later to find you look...

Hi gals, so ever spent hours doing your makeup in the morning looking so so fresh only to look in the mirror 2 hours later to find you looking as though you dipped your face in oil? It happens to me very often especially in GH when the weather is so hot and humid and sweaty it is so discouraging and doesn’t make sense to even bother with makeup. Even on days that I happen to be in the office full nyanya (air-conditioned) and all, no heat whatsoever, I still fall prey to this atrocity, lol. I really hate it when I eagerly pose for photos, yes y’all know me and posing for photos and all you see is my face reflecting light by being so shiny, it even creates a false “moma”, forehead, which my best friend Jeni has and I don’t, lol she’ll kill me.
Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so frustrating and disappointing considering the time and effort put in. The most annoying of all is when you have applied on some vibrant eye shadows only for it to crease and vanish as your eyelids gets oily as well. Pooooohhhhh!!!!!! But then again I simply cannot begin to tell you the immense benefits of makeup, which I would address in another post, so come rain or shine we still got to keep it on. So must getting oily or shiny after applying makeup put us off from enhancing our features? Never.
Ok, so there are some things to be done that can help reduce this problem especially if you have oily skin or combination skin, which is skin that get oily only on the T-zone, forehead and nose, with other parts relatively dry. I do have combination skin.

1.       Invest in an oil control formula, which is good if you have the money to buy such products and also depends on availability as most cosmetic shops in GH do not sell them. An oil control lotion simply does what it says it does, oil control. You apply it on your face before you put on your makeup and it stays put. I can recommend MAC’s Oil control lotion……..
2.       It is also advisable to buy a mattifying foundation, ie oil free foundation which obviously would have to be water based. Crème to powders are also good although might look creamy but dries up like a powder when applied unto the face. The most important factor to be considered when selecting the right foundation is the type of formula ie your foundation could be powder, liquid or crème but it should say for oily skin else do not bother. There are so many types of these products so you have to decide which formula would work best for your skin type. I personally go in for liquid foundation. In GH you are sure to get Sleek and Black Secrets which offers some oil free products and some select stores carry the high end products such as MAC, Mary Kay, IMAN, Bobbi Brown etc.
Ok so I find the above tips pretty useful if like I said you can afford them and can find them as well. So what’s the fuss about if the above tips are not 100% attainable in GH? So here is the secret tip. Well not so much secretive but it’s a secret if you didn’t know about it. Milk of Magnesia (MoM). Yeah! yeah!! Yeah!!! Ok so you know that white, creamy, sort of milky thing that we drink when we have stomach upset, yes, that stuff works magic. It really does wonders, seriously, you can have your make-up on for 12 hours and you would be shine/oil free, yes truthfully speaking, tried and tested. Your makeup would adhere better to your skin, your eye shadows would still be intact, no oily, creasy eyelids and you will still be looking as though you just applied
Milk of Magnesia
 it. The advantages are that:
1.       It is readily available in pharmacy shops nationwide and
2.       It is highly affordable ranging between GH¢ 1 – 3 depending on the brand
All you need to do is walk to any pharmacy shop and purchase the product, as it’s not a prescription drug you would be able to get it over the counter, shake it, dab a little unto cotton wool and apply to your face before applying the rest of your makeup or dab a little with your fingers unto your face, trust me when I say a little bit goes a long way else you would end up looking whitish which is not the look we are going for.
So in order to prove to you the effectiveness of this amazing product I have conducted some experiments to show to you. Here is also a link with info on the wonders Milk of Magnesia: http://skincare.lovetoknow.com/Milk_of_Magnesia_for_Oily_Skinhttp://www.buzzle.com/articles/milk-of-magnesia-for-acne.html
Enjoy the experiments, feel free to comment and ask any questions and if you have tried or will try this method, let me know how it goes. Please share with friends this incredible secret.

On a beautiful hot, summer day, regular makeup without MoM
Freshly done simple makeup
Up-Close: Shine-free
Oily after some few hours
Arghhhhhh I really hate it
So on another day on which i primed my face using MoM
Freshly done 


6 hours later- absolutely shine-free

Up-Close: Shine-Free

Love, Annette.

P.S. Do not forget to properly wash off your make-up at night before you go to bed. Xoxoxoxo

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  1. I'm gonna give it a try n see how it comes up.I got combination skin

  2. Ok pls do and share with friends

  3. OH i see.. taking you to scotland to study is proving results. ha ha ha i will do well to try it. but if u "sandpaper" my face, hhmmmmmm WAHALA FOR YOU OOH. Ha ha ha ha

  4. also,an extra tip.. using blotting paper helps reduce the oily look...you can get them in small packets at make-up stores or pharmacies and they can be carried around in your purse and be used on the go..x

  5. hahahahaha no sandpaper oh lol, magnesium is believed to even cure acne so no problem
    @gomez thats true but using the MoM actually prevents getting oily so u need not use blotting paper, but then again blotting paper is a good alternative

  6. useful info,will give that a try..


  7. u welcome Esther..... pls be sure to let me know how it goes, thanx

  8. Aba am not sure if i want to spend all that time getting ready.2 hrs is a lot of time...r there any short-cuts?

  9. well yes there are lots of things to do that would take u only 5 mins to do...... wld be posting some stuff pretty soon xoxoxo


  11. Yes Ma'am..... pls do well to share after you try it

  12. Thanks Aba,will surely give it a try. Be gud.

  13. Finally, i can walk all day without freshening up. I tried it yesturday and today and it works magic. All my friends wil hear abt it. Thanks!

  14. tried it,n it works magic...bt plss dont overuse d MOM......

  15. @Becky thanx for giving me feedback and letting readers know this stuff actually works, pls share on yours and friends walls as well and ask to follow for more titbits
    @Millie, yes it does and like i said a LITTLE bit does go a long way lol,good stuff

  16. can u help me cos i got oily like normal! i live in gh too!could i hve used too little?

  17. well i can't say for sure but pls try it again because everyone else was happy with it and pls let me know, thanx

  18. Annette I'm not such a make-up fun but I would like to give it a try. Does MoM serves as the foundation or u wld have to apply 'pons' again? Lol

  19. Oh! No! the MoM does not serve as makeup but just as a base to prevent you from getting oily, just apply it first before you apply ur foundation or powder(pons) lol!

  20. It does absolutely work!!!

  21. thx Annette but then can i tried the MoM with the Alata samina and Shea butter combination. i have had acne breakout this Year and the combination of Shea butter and alata samina seem to be working... i started using it about 3 weeks ago?

    1. Yes Mary, you can use the MOM as the magnesia is believed to have properties that heal the skin by drying out the acne.

  22. Wow... I am impressed. Never knew this. I am trying it tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.


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